Ep 8: Why Is Filling Out The FAFSA An Important Step Towards Your Postsecondary Plan?

Suzanne Alioto

This episode covers the topic of financial aid, including the reasons why filling out the FAFSA is an important component of your child’s postsecondary plan. Suzanne Alioto, IDEA High School Specialist, covers the deadline to fill out the FAFSA for this school year and highlights the coming changes for the 23-24 school year. Learn about FAFSA resources and support you can find through the Alaska Commission on Post-Secondary Education. Suzanne also informs listeners about potential changes to the Alaska Performance Scholarship and what you need to do to ensure your child is eligible for this opportunity.

Guest Biography:
Suzanne has been homeschooling since 2005. Her two boys both graduated from IDEA Homeschool as UA Scholars and were awarded the Alaska Performance Scholarship. Both of her boys went on to college, one to University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the other to Baylor University in Texas. Her youngest child is a junior in high school and currently taking college courses. Suzanne loves to encourage families to make the most of their children’s high school years and to instill a love for learning. Her passion is to help students become lifelong learners and she has modeled this personally as she has earned a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction and a Master’s degree in Mathematics Education.

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