The Final Word

The Final Word!

We believe strongly that IDEA offers the best homeschool support available in Alaska, for three primary reasons:

  1. Popularity – We were the first in the state to offer a program like this, treating the parents with respect and allowing a great deal of flexibility in materials and teaching methods. IDEA was wildly popular immediately, going from 0 students to over 1150 students in two months! IDEA is still the most popular, although many similar programs have tried to imitate our success.
  2. Experience – IDEA has been in existence since 1997, when distance education programs were “school in a box,” with the district providing a cookie-cutter curriculum package for all students of a certain grade, grading the mailed-in papers, and telling the parents how their kids are doing. IDEA was the first to develop a true “homeschool support program” in Alaska, changing the face of “correspondence programs” forever. We were the first to develop the policies, procedures, forms, relationships with vendors, and more. Every aspect of IDEA was developed not around a school district’s needs, but built around a homeschooler’s needs!
  3. Homeschool input – IDEA is the only program that was created from the ground up with homeschoolers on staff serving as advisors to the administration from practically the very first day of its existence. No other aspect of IDEA says more than the fact that homeschoolers have had an influential voice in every single aspect of the program.Our administrative assistant and the other five Field Reps have a combined total of over 80 years of experience in homeschooling their own children.