Why Enroll With IDEA

Freedom and Respect


At IDEA we believe that you know your child best. We are here to help you with the educational end of things, but you know what makes your child tick better than we ever will! We partner with you as you make the educational decisions that are best for your child. We have working relationships with over 300 companies that supply curricular materials to homeschoolers. We provide as much help and support as you need in making decisions about what materials to order and what teaching methods to use, but the education of each and every child in IDEA is totally individualized. Here are some of the choices available in IDEA:

  • Whether to purchase a curriculum package (with the main academic subjects all covered) or mix-and-match materials from different vendors for different subjects.
  • Whether to order complete courses with answer keys and/or outside grading, or to create your own course using the standards and a variety of materials that you select yourself.
  • Whether to include some outside instruction in an area of interest for your child or not.
  • Whether to use a curriculum based on textbooks, literature (“living books”), hands-on, or a mixture of these.
  • How much to use free, online targeted instruction (“Skills Alaska”) to identify and address any “learning gaps” in reading, language arts, and math.
  • Whether to participate in workshops, field trips, and other learning opportunities with other IDEA families.
Allotment Funds

An allotment is money that is set aside for your child’s educational needs. The allotment amount is $2,700 for grades K-12. If you are enrolling older children, you may also enroll a child who is age 4 by September 1st of the current school year. We receive no state funding for these younger students, but we recognize that 4-year-olds often are learning along with their older siblings, and therefore provide a nominal allotment of $300 for a preschooler. This money may be spent on a wide range of materials and/or activities as long as they meet your student’s educational needs.

  • Textbooks and workbooks
  • School supplies: notebooks, paper, pens and pencils, rulers, whiteboards and markers, etc.
  • Literature, dictionaries, thesauruses, poetry, etc.
  • Social studies materials: globes, maps, timelines, atlases, etc.
  • Math manipulatives: flash cards, base ten blocks, teddy bear counters, protractors and compasses, calculators, etc.
  • Science supplies: experiment kits, dissection materials, microscope slides, etc.
  • Guided instruction: swimming instruction, piano instruction, weekly science clubs, etc.
  • Field trips: museums, art galleries, science museums, etc.
Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

Some parents volunteer to be part of the local Parent Advisory Committee. They serve as “sounding boards” for new ideas, provide input on things that work and things that don’t, and plan some local activities and events. Each year IDEA brings the Field Reps and one parent representative from each of the regional Parent Advisory Committees together for a three-day retreat. The PAC representatives and Field Reps brainstorm with the Director and Assistant Director on ways to improve IDEA’s service to the homeschooling families, contributing to administration’s goal setting for the next year. PAC representatives are also given an opportunity to meet the GCSD school board and discuss their thoughts, concerns, and/or appreciation.

Staff and Resource Rooms

Field Reps

One of the things that makes IDEA unique is the prominent role of Field Reps, women who have experience homeschooling their own children. Field Reps introduce you to the program and help you to learn about homeschooling, if this is new to you. They serve as advisors to the program, providing a homeschooler’s view on any policy issues.  In addition to being available for any advice that you might request, they oversee PAC meetings, plan and organize workshops, and put on the Curriculum Fairs.

Certified Teachers

Students are assigned to a certified teacher who is familiar with homeschooling. ILP’s, progress reports and samples of work are turned into them.  They are also on hand to assist as needed with any questions that you might have about IDEA, homeschooling, curriculum, assessment, and more. Most of our teachers have years of experience working with homeschoolers and some have homeschooled their own children.

Resource Rooms

Each IDEA office includes a Resource Room with a marvelous collection of educational materials. The Resource Room Coordinator can help you find what you need, answer questions, and provide helpful curriculum suggestions. In addition to providing an opportunity to see materials “up close,” many are available for check-out. Check-out items include books, movies, microscopes, unit study kits, and more. In these Resource Rooms, you may use your allotment to purchase used materials at a reduced price.

Unit Study Kits

Each resource room has a collection of tubs with kits of materials related to a unit study on such varied topics as World War II, Telling Time, Curious George, French, Birds, Simple Machines, and Fractions. Depending on the topic, kits include books, videos, models, puzzles, games, and/or manipulatives. These can be checked out for three weeks at a time.

IDEA Offices

We have eight offices, located in Anchorage, Eagle River, Fairbanks, Juneau, Soldotna, Palmer, Wasilla, and a satellite location in Anchor Point. Accessible in our offices are Site Administrators, Contact Teachers, Field Reps, Resource Room Coordinators, Receptionists and Certified Computer Technicians. All staff are ready to serve you and assist with your homeschooling needs. Click on the “Contact Us” link above to find contact information for each one.



IDEA provides every family with a FREE, secure, and filtered Microsoft 365 e-mail address. Although you may use your personal email to communicate with us, your provided IDEA e-mail username and password offers access to the resources in the family section of the IDEA website, the PowerSchool Parent Portal, IDEA Homeschool app, IDEA’s online ordering system, and more. The “family” section of our website contains the full vendor list, curricular guidelines, all IDEA forms, electronic handbooks, homeschool links, and more. IDEA offers our families convenient direct-billing (deducted straight out of your allotment) and reimbursement options for a variety of connectivity options. Choose from mobile MiFi or high-speed cable home internet.


We provide desktop or laptop computers and multi-function flat-bed printers with multipage scan and copier capabilities. You have the option of leasing a Windows or MAC OS based computer from us with no out-of-pocket expense (through a yearly allotment deduction), with a model upgrade every four years.


Families may purchase Apple iPads through IDEA directly through allotment. There are also an assortment of other tablet devices on the market today which you are welcome to purchase and submit for reimbursement.

Tech Support

Technical support is provided in each of our offices to help with any computer problems and questions related to IDEA equipment, forms, email, or internet access.

Online Services

Homeschooling Resources

In an effort to nurture the homeschooling lifestyle, IDEA has developed a section of the website to provide information related to homeschooling in general. We provide networking opportunities through our listservs, Facebook groups, clubs, family events at our offices and in community settings.

Subscription Sites

We have also purchased subscriptions to online programs for our families such as BrainPop, Enchanted Learning, AKCIS, Iditarod Insider, and Moby Max. IDEA families are given the required passwords to assess the great information, videos, games, and other resources at these sites.

Group Learning Opportunities for Parents and Students

Workshops and Family Events

Workshops and family events are offered often throughout the year. Designed to provide fellowship and fun in addition to learning, topics covered can range from public speaking, math, robotics, Dr. Seuss, PI Day, hands-on history, and more.  If you have a request for a particular workshop topic or event we could facilitate, please share your thoughts with your Contact Teacher or Field Rep. Our goal is to be responsive to the needs of our families!

Curriculum Fair

In April or May, one of our biggest events takes place in four cities across the state: the IDEA Curriculum Fair! Vendors come from across the country to share their products in exhibitor halls and to share their knowledge in workshops in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Soldotna, and Juneau. IDEA families attend free; and others are welcomed for a very small admission fee. Learn more about the IDEA Curriculum Fair.

Academic Competitions

Students have opportunities to participate in academic contests like Battle of the Books, Academic Decathlon, Geography Bee, and Spelling Bee. Artistic and musical students may choose to get involved in Art in the Capitol, All-State Art, All-State Band/Choir, or Solo & Music Ensemble.

Academic Trips

High school students have the option of participating in Close Up, traveling to Washington DC and New York City, where students learn about civics and the government process in a fun and fascinating learning environment!

High School

Dual Credit

IDEA may pay for college classes for high school students (correspondence courses as well as attending local colleges), through which they may receive credit for both high school and college concurrently.

Accredited transcript

IDEA is fully accredited by Cognia, so credits from IDEA are transferable to any other school.

Graduation ceremony:

Graduation ceremonies take place in Anchorage, Eagle River, Fairbanks, Juneau, Soldotna, and Wasilla. IDEA graduations are unlike any other! In recognition of the preeminent place of the homeschooling parent, we present the diploma to the parents, who then award it to their young adult.

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