Ep 5: What Social Emotional Learning Skills Can Be Developed From The Game Of Chess?


Marc Jong


Marc Jong talks about the value of using chess as a tool to teach social emotional learning skills. He started the Chess Club with IDEA in the Anchorage office after having success with it as a class in the building-based school system. Find out how you can incorporate this game into your homeschool routine or start a club in your region.

Guest Biography:

Marc Jong is a contact teacher with IDEA Homeschool in Anchorage. He is a recreational chess enthusiast and enjoys supporting families with their homeschool journeys. He loves reading, writing, placer mining for gold, teaching chess and financial literacy. He has used chess in a variety of educational settings to support and teach social emotional learning, planning, flexible thinking, managing resources, balancing emotional, creative, and logical thinking.

Resource Links:

https://www.healthline.com/health/benefits-of-playing-chess https://news.cehd.umn.edu/why-you-should-consider-learning-chess-online/