Ep 3: What Homeschooling Insights Can Be Derived From IDEA’s History?

In this episode, we learn about IDEA’s origin and foundation of our mission and values. Lindsay talks with Carol Simpson, a homeschooling parent who was one of the first employees that has been instrumental in creating and maintaining IDEA’s focus on homeschooling parents being the expert educators. Carol discusses the importance of mentors as well as the creation and importance of Parent Advisory Committees (PAC).

Guest Biography:
Carol Simpson started homeschooling her first-born in 1986. She and her husband were attending Bible school and had few funds for homeschool materials, so she relied heavily on the library, bought and borrowed used materials, and made her own learning games. The IDEA homeschool program began in 1997 with two hired homeschool parents including Carol, to help create a program that honored homeschooling parents as their students first and best teachers. She homeschooled all seven over 31 years while continuing to help build IDEA from the ground up. One of her impactful roles with IDEA is organizing the annual Curriculum Fair. Carol’s favorite thing about homeschooling was all the things that she got to learn alongside her children each year, and her favorite thing about her job is helping other parents experience that same delight!

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