Ep 10: What Does A Homeschool Journey Look Like?…Lessons Learned and Shared

Sarah Oyoumick

Sarah Oyoumick joins this episode to share stories from her own homeschool journey as a mom of three boys. Each one of our journeys are so unique—yet, maybe there’s more in common than we think. The balance of teaching, parenting, household responsibilities and family life can feel heavy sometimes and Sarah shares lessons learned to help navigate some of homeschooling’s toughest moments.

Guest Biography:
Sarah Oyoumick has lived in Alaska since 1999. She taught in Noorvik and Anchorage. Later she moved with her husband to his hometown of Unalakleet, Alaska, to raise their family. They have resided in Soldotna for the last ten years. They put their oldest son in private school his kindergarten year, but sharing is hard to do and the days were long without him. So, then they began their homeschool journey. They have loved the hard, the beautiful, the growth, and the many delights of this adventure together. Sarah’s favorite thing is loving on people.