Private School Options

IDEA gives families the freedom to choose from an assortment of academic options based on each child’s individual needs. Whether your student is best-suited for a home education setting or a more traditional classroom, we empower parents to make the best choice.

Considering private school options?

IDEA allotment funds may be used to reimburse qualifying courses at local private schools. Keep in mind that courses need to be fully secular, both in materials used and instruction delivered, to meet qualifications by the state of Alaska to be funded by a public school district. 

Ready to enroll?

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Looking for more info on how it works?

If you’re interested in enrolling in IDEA’s program while your child attends private school, we suggest getting in touch with an IDEA Contact Teacher to go over your particular situation. We are happy to offer individualized advice and get all of your specific questions answered, as well as make recommendations on how you may best utilize IDEA allotment funds to meet your educational goals.