Ready to begin your homeschooling journey?

By Homeschoolers, For Homeschoolers

We believe strongly that IDEA offers the best homeschool support
available in Alaska, for three primary reasons:


IDEA has been in existence since 1997, when distance education programs were a “school in a box,” with districts providing cookie-cutter curriculum to all students by grade level, and assessing achievement via mailed-in papers. IDEA was the first to develop a true “homeschool support program” in Alaska, changing the face of “correspondence programs” forever. We were the first to develop the policies, procedures, relationships with vendors, and many other unique educational resources you won’t find elsewhere. Every aspect of IDEA was developed around a homeschooler’s needs.

Parent Support

We believe no one is more dedicated to a child than their parents and we feel that education is best achieved when tailored to a child’s personality. IDEA was the first in Alaska to offer a program catering to parents, treating them with respect and allowing freedom of teaching methods and flexible curriculum. For this reason, IDEA’s unique program caught on with families immediately, sky-rocketing to become the leading statewide homeschool! Today, as we celebrate 27 years of Homeschooling Brilliance, IDEA is still the LARGEST homeschool program in Alaska (although many similar programs have tried to imitate what we do).

We’re Homeschoolers, Too!

We are the only program created from the ground up, from the very first day of inception — by homeschoolers, for homeschoolers. No other facet or feature of IDEA speaks louder than the fact that homeschoolers have had an influential voice in every program component. Additionally, our statewide lead and six regional Field Reps have a combined 100+ years experience in homeschooling their own children. We believe in a strong avenue of communication with parents, engaged Parent Advisory Committees and consistently seeking input to advance with the ever-evolving needs of families.

A few words from our IDEA FAMILIES