Instruction Provider

What do I need to know about providing services to IDEA families?
  • For direct payment, service providers must reside in Alaska, even if services are delivered virtually.
  • It is the family that retains your services. You are not employees of IDEA or the Galena City School District, even if you opt to bill us directly for services provided to our families.
  • Families can pay you for services and get reimbursed if the instruction is secular and supports their students’ individual learning plans. Or vendors can bill us directly for services.
How do I get set up to sell services to IDEA families?
  • All instructors that provide services to IDEA families must complete an Instructor Information Form at the bottom of this page.
  • If you are willing to bill us directly, you must also send a completed W-9 Form to
How do I advertise to IDEA families?
  • Instruction providers are not listed on our website, but you can bring a flyer or brochure into our local office for us to include in a binder (Local Vendors and Services) for our families to look through. Of course, word of mouth is your best advertising!
  • Note about flyers: Make no claims of school district approval in your flyer as there is a clear understanding that the family, not the district, retains your services. Parents will be interested in knowing if you are willing to bill IDEA directly for instruction.
  • We keep flyers for one school year, so please submit a new flyer each year and whenever changes occur. For maximum promotion, submit your fliers by June. Publicity is important when families are planning for the upcoming school year.
  • We are willing to send information as a community announcement to our email distribution list of IDEA families, but only once per school year. Information must be sent in email format, not as a flyer or attachment, ready to go to families if we simply forward it. Send this email to the Field Rep in your area; see our contact page for the appropriate person to contact.
How do I participate in the Curriculum Fair?
  • IDEA conducts a Curriculum Fair (homeschool convention) in four cities in Alaska in April-May. Information is posted on our website toward the end of the calendar year.
  • Only curriculum suppliers may purchase booth space at the Fair. Instruction providers may pay a small fee and provide flyers or brochures to go into hand-out sacks that are offered to all attendees.
  • This is an opportunity to share hundreds of your flyers with the larger homeschool community for a minimal advertising cost. Look for the Fair information on our website for the most current information about the Curriculum Fair and guidelines about the inclusion of your promotional materials in the hand-out sacks.
  • Please note that IDEA staff may turn down materials deemed inappropriate or of conflicting interest. Please submit for approval prior to the expense of printing and submission.
What is the sales and invoicing process?
  • Families hire you directly. They may pay you directly and get reimbursed through providing us with a detailed receipt. If you are willing to bill us directly, send us a completed Vendor Direct Payment Form, one per family, each month. We can pay no more frequently than once a month and only after services are rendered. Payment may take up to 3-4 weeks.
  • You can still receive payment directly from families, even if you check that you prefer to bill IDEA. Keep in mind that billing IDEA directly often expands the number of families who would be interested in utilizing your services.
  • The invoice must contain your contact info, student name(s), dates of service, type of service, fees, and original parent and instructor signatures. Send to or fax to 907-374-2275.
  • Our fiscal year is July 1 – June 30 and invoices for services provided must be received within the fiscal year.

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