The Iditarod Experience Begins

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The Iditarod organization offers a wonderful experience to Teachers who use Iditarod in their classrooms.  For many, it begins every year with a wonderful time for teachers across the nation to meet for the Summer or Winter Education Conferences. Brian Hickox is the 2019 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail. Last night he gave a presentation and shared about shopping for the trail at a Welcome Banquet hosted by ExxonMobil.  Brian has already been out and about visiting schools and talking with children and parents.

See Brian’s video presentation when he applied to be the Teacher on the Trail. Does it make you feel like reading?   What books will you read?  Write about it (or, if you are as student ask your mom to share your thoughts)  in your regional facebook groups or send your thoughts to with the subject IditaREAD.  We’ll post your thoughts on the blog!   Remember to use the hashtag #IditaREAD19!

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