IditaREAD is intended to be a fun learning adventure for your family

Take advantage of the excitement of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race and encourage reading skills for all ages! It is suggested (but not a rule) that you decide ahead of time the guidelines you wish to follow for the duration of this challenge. See some suggestions below.


IDEA’s IditaREAD challenge encourages reading for personal enjoyment of all age levels. You, the parent, decide if pages read aloud by someone else can count toward the finish line for some or all of your readers.

For example:
You may want to require ages 7+ to read to themselves, whereas you could combine independent reading and reading aloud with your little ones. Get more advice on counting miles.


Students could certainly read books they have written themselves. If your child is reluctant to read an assigned “school” book, it’s okay to motivate them with this race!


IDEA offers lots of printables. The 2019 Record Sheet can be used to track their reading.  As soon as your child reaches a checkpoint, you or your child will want to login to the IditaREAD website and post their total pages read up to that point. If it is motivating, let them log on as often as you/they like – even after reading each page. Your child will be listed by age group in the order of pages read on in your region. The regional lists will be updated daily from Monday through Friday. Have your child look for their name!


No matter when a reader finishes the race, they can continue to read and log their total pages read until the end of the IditaREAD Challenge. Several offices are tracking their mushers on bulletin boards or wall size Iditarod trails. Please check with your local IditaREAD coordinator for local details.

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