How To Read A Story – Trailblazer Report by McKenna Javier

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A book report by: McKenna Javier

Book title: How to Read a Story

Author: Kate Messner 
Illustrated by: 
Mark Siegel

Main character: The main character is a young boy.
He’s curious. He has sandy blonde hair. He does not wear shoes. He’s dressed casual. He appears to love dogs. He also has a sister. He loves reading.

Setting: The story takes place outdoors and inside his home. The season is unknown because you can’t see the weather outside the windows because there are no illustrations to give you clues. Also, when the boy talks about the cold and warm weather, he doesn’t say what season it actually is right now.

Story details: The main idea or topic is about the best way to find and read a book.

Beginning: The first part was about picking out a book.

 The middle of the book was about the best places to read a book and who to read with, like a buddy or companion.

 The end was where they finished reading the book to the very end.

Some things I learned about: 
It’s fun to take a break and predict what happens next.

My favorite part of the book: 
My favorite part of the book was about choosing the best places to read a book in cold weather…with thick blankets and cups of steaming cocoa!

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