Celebrating Over 25 years of Homeschooling Brilliance in Alaska!

IDEA is the largest homeschool program in the state of Alaska with Field Reps and Certified Contact Teachers located in 6 regions throughout the state—all here to support YOU, the one who knows YOUR child the best!  As a component of our 25 years of IDEA celebration (1997-2022), we launched the “Voices of IDEA” podcast series featuring IDEA’s new school counselor, Lindsay Pinkelman. Whether you’re an IDEA family or simply interested in finding out more, we encourage you to listen in. Our mission is to provide the highest quality educational resources, guidance, workshops and encouragement so that families can focus on creating the best individualized homeschool education for each child. Welcome to the voices of IDEA!

What you’ll hear

In each podcast episode, we’ll feature unique perspectives from members of our IDEA team and tackle educational topics from a variety of homeschool veterans. From tips and tricks, to sharing struggles and success stories, our goal is to empower families with this additional avenue of inspiration and support through monthly podcast episodes. Tune in for regular advice on techniques, resources and tools to help guide your homeschooling journey!

Listen now!

Our first episode for Voices of IDEA Season 2 launched in July 2023. New episodes will release each month. You can find our podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, and Google Podcasts. Or click below to listen directly on the embedded media player below!

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