Ep 9: How to Grow Your Homeschool Garden

Guest: Janice Habermann

In this special episode, Janice Habermann delivers an incredible keynote speech at the 2023 IDEA Curriculum Fair. Janice discusses the journey of homeschooling through the lens of constructing a garden. She discusses the planting of rich soil and seeds; the careful attention of watering; how to weed the garden and harvest your beautiful crops. You will come away with a heartwarming reminder of how to culivate each phase of your homeschool experience.

Guest Biography:
Janice Habermann is the mother of 3 and the grandmother of 6. She came to Alaska over 30 years ago and raised her family on the Kenai Peninsula. She bravely began homeschooling her children in 1993, before any of the homeschool support programs were available. Finding curriculum and quality supplies was a challenge, so she opened her own curriculum store, The Brain Box, in 1996. IDEA began in 1997 and with its inception, homeschooling became so much easier. After Janice sold The Brain Box, she joined the IDEA staff in 2004 in the Kenai office. She has held positions as Resource Room Coordinator (where she was in charge of curriculum resources), Contact Teacher in Soldotna, as well as her final role of Anchorage Site Administrator and the IDEA Assistant Director. Janice loved her time at IDEA, as mentoring homeschool families is one of her greatest passions! She retired from IDEA in 2021 and presently keeps busy with helping to homeschool her own grandchildren—now third-generation homeschoolers!