Ep 12: How Do You Create Your Own Homeschool Journey?


Marian Werth


Marian Werth talks with Lindsay about how to make your homeschool journey your own. For the first time on the podcast, we hear from IDEA parents Julia Seavast, Michelle Spaulding and Alyssa Couturier about how each of them has created their own homeschool journey through IDEA! Marian leaves listeners with a good reminder! You are the captain of your own ship and to do what works best for you and your family!

Guest Biography:

Marian Werth is a special education teacher with IDEA serving families from the Kenai IDEA office. She has worked for IDEA for 15 years; first as a Contact Teacher before working with families homeschooling their children that receive special education services.  She’s lived on the Kenai Peninsula since moving from Wisconsin shortly after college graduation.  Marian has been involved in teaching public and private school, as well as homeschooling her own children for several years. Marian is happy to be working for IDEA, helping to provide an important educational option to families.