How Do You Become A ‘Hammer’ In IDEA’S Ham Radio Club?


Nola Kruber joins the podcast from the Fairbanks region to discuss the Ham Radio Club.  In this episode, Lindsay and Nola discuss how to become involved in the club, whether you are 12 or 66. You will learn about the community involvement in the club and hear a real-world HAM Radio conversation Involving IDEA students. Two IDEA “Hammers” also join the conversation to talk about learning morse code, radio ettiquete and different technical licensing. Nola also talks about how to make HAM radio an elective offering on an ILP!


Build an elective, How to start a club in your region

Guest Biography:

Nola Kurber graduated from college with a degree in elementary education but didn’t teach for quite a while—deciding to stay home with her four children. She homeschooled, took advantage of private schooling and then taught at building-based schools. She and her husband are active in the community. Now, as a grandmother of 16, most of whom are homeschooled, she has the pleasure of working to support homeschool families here in Fairbanks, coming back full circle. Currently, with IDEA Homeschool, she is the sponsor of the Ham Radio Club and she helps lead Bedtime Math Club and Drama club. She is a passionate gardener and has added beekeeping to her repertoire. She and her husband have lived in Fairbanks for about 25 years.

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IDEA’s Contact Teachers. Thanks for all you do!

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