Ep 4: How Can Homeschooling Facilitate A Growth Mindset?

Dan Kullander shares his passion for teaching kids how to use a growth mindset in the academic setting. From a young child to adolescence and adulthood, the language of a growth mindset can be a powerful tool for everyone. Lindsay discloses a tragic accident she experienced and how having a growth mindset has been crucial for her mental health. There are many resources discussed that parents can take away and not only cultivate them in the homeschool setting, but also in life.

Guest Bio:
Dan Kullander is Lead Teacher at the IDEA Eagle River office.  He grew up in Juneau, Alaska, and has worked with children in preschool, private school, public school, and church ministry settings.  Dan and his wife began homeschooling their 4 boys through IDEA more than 12 years ago and have seen firsthand the amazing opportunities homeschool has to offer.  In 2019, Dan and his family moved to the Anchorage area, where he joined the IDEA staff as a Contact Teacher.  Growth Mindset has been a particular area of interest for Dan during his educational studies. He continues to explore it through discussions with colleagues, homeschooling families, and his own children.

Resource Links:

—Growth Mindset, by Carol Dweck
—What’s Math Got to Do with it; & Mathematical Mindsets, by Jo Boaler
—Do Hard Things, by Alex & Brett Harris (faith-based resource)

Online Resources:
ClassDojo – YouTube  (Search “Growth Mindset” for a 5-part series.)     

Carol Dweck TED Talk: The power of believing that you can improve | Carol Dweck – YouTube
BBC Clip on Learning and the Brain: Resources (learningandtheadolescentmind.org)
Carol Dweck: The Effect of Praise on Mindsets: Carol Dweck: The Effect of Praise on Mindsets – YouTube