IDEA Curriculum Fair 2020: Workshop Descriptions

Key for workshop location:
A = Anchorage
F = Fairbanks
J = Juneau
S = Soldotna

“The Accidental Homeschooler – Making an Online Curriculum Work for You” (Katie Shuler)

Katie will discuss the different reasons families decide to homeschool and how they might find themselves becoming an “Accidental Homeschooler.” She will also talk about how Time4Learning can accommodate the needs of different homeschooling families, and how choosing an online curriculum can give children a personalized learning experience while reducing some of the time-consuming tasks of homeschooling. Product Workshop, Time4Learning (A,F)

“Create a LANGUAGE IMMERSION Homeschool — Even if You Only Know One Language Now!” (Samantha DenBleyker)

By this time next week, you’ll be speaking a language in your homeschool even if you know nothing or are a native speaker who is embarrassed that your kids answer back in English! Learn to pass up years of trying to learn a foreign language. See how easy it is to teach other subjects in a foreign language. And find out how to leave your anxiety at the door as you talk with native speakers. We want your homeschool to provide a better language immersion experience than you could get anywhere else. Product Workshop, TalkBox.Mom (A)

“Creativity – The Tool of Life” (Matt Kirby)

Matt Kirby creator of the epic family game Apples to Apples and a member of the creative class shares his expertise to equip parents with practical ways to nurture inner creativity in their children. Matt shares some practical tools and ideas to help parents navigate our current world of dealing with the widespread popularity of video games and cell phones to help parents prepare children for the new world about to be dominated by artificial intelligence and robotics. Learning Workshop, MoxieBox Art (S,A,F,J)

“EZ + 1: Making Sense of Teaching Writing” (Janet Beckett)

Teaching writing well is not only possible, it can be enjoyable! Come and learn about an effective and easy-to-use approach for the very reluctant child as well as the natural writer. Using models, checklists, and a clear pathway for “EZ + 1” skill progression, the Structure and Style® composition program is guaranteed to instill confidence and build competence in students of all ages and aptitudes. Product Workshop, IEW (A)

“Finding the Energy to Homeschool” (Adam Hailstone)

Ugh! Sometimes, often this time of year, it’s just hard to homeschool—energy wanes, the kids seem less motivated; it all feels like a grind. In his fun and inspiring way, Adam Hailstone will help you to see what’s blocking you from the energy you need. Then he will show you strategies and mindsets to help you build, increase, and discover new energy to tackle the challenge of homeschooling (and everything else). Learning Workshop, Williamsburg Learning (A,F)

“Gaining Confidence & Getting Creative – Tips for Doing Art with Your Child” (Beth Herrild)

Are you intimidated by the thought of teaching art to your children? You don’t have to be a great artist to do art with your kids. Learn easy ways to become more confident and encourage your child to be more creative and think outside the box! Creating art with your child enhances cognitive functioning, self-esteem, empathy, and creative problem-solving and it can be fun for both of you! Learning Workshop, Outside the Box Creation (S,A,F)

“Gameschooling 101: Learning the FUN way” (Valerie Humphrey)

We will explore the idea of gameschooling and how it can impact your homeschooling life. Learn the benefits of adding games to your curriculum or even replacing some of your curriculum with them. You will experience gameschooling yourself in an interactive game playing time and be able to ask questions about games that would help your particular students in their areas of need. Learning Workshop, Lucky 13 Education (S,A)

“Generation YouTube: The opportunities and threats of unlimited access” (Damon Evans)

Filmmaker Damon Evans shares his strategy for cautiously navigating YouTube and other social channels! Learning Workshop, Film School 4 Teens (S,A,F)

“How to Think and Talk Math” (Henderson Riley)

What if math was its own language? Learn to speak math similar to the way you learn to speak other new languages. Learn the basic foundations on which the math language is created and how to see Algebra skills in basic math. This workshop will give participants wanting to expand their thinking to higher levels of math using basic operations they already know. Learn how the “secrets” of mental math and how to apply them in everyday situations. Participants access a common math language that can be used at any grade level. Learning Workshop, Mr. D Math (S,A,F)

“The Joyful Pursuit of Literacy” (Kim Bredberg)

Inspire your students to delight in the HOWs and WHYs of reading and writing. A language arts tradition filled with opportunities for creative discovery develops skilled readers and writers who care deeply about their work. Learn to strengthen your student’s ability to communicate new ideas and convey unique observations of their world. Infusing interdisciplinary topics and creativity into language arts inspires imagination with immediacy and intensity. Moving from thinking about great stories to personal expression through creative endeavors develops an awareness of the self and the world at large. We’ll help you expand the intellect and imagination of your students. Product Workshop, Blackbird & Company (A,F)

“Make Travel a Key Part of Your Homeschool and Turn it into a Drool Worthy and Scholarly Experience!” (Samantha DenBleyker)

I have to warn you. If you do this, your kids will be obsessed with school, go on and on about what they learn, and beg you for more. They’ll also sound like experts and create their own travel logs that rival the best textbooks. Yes, even your young child that is learning to read or your teen that rather be with their friends. I’ll help you make your homeschool a life-changing and unforgettable experience. Product Workshop, TalkBox.Mom (A)

“Minimalist Homeschooling: How Minimalism Can Bring Clarity, Calm, and Purpose to Your Homeschool” (Angela D’Antonio )

This workshop/discussion will explore how minimalism can bring more intention to your life and homeschool. By clarifying the values and goals of your individual family, you can start to pare away distractions and simplify your day. By creating more space and calm in your home and schedule, you can experience more joy and less “busyness” in your homeschool. Learning Workshop, Moving Beyond the Page (S,A,F,J)

“Moving Beyond the What? An Introduction to Moving Beyond the Page” (Angela D’Antonio)

Moving Beyond the Page is a comprehensive literature-based homeschool curriculum that integrates language arts, science, social studies and math for children in Kindergarten through Middle School. The curriculum helps children grow in their love of learning by encouraging critical and creative thinking, providing challenging and engaging projects, and supporting different learning styles. Moving Beyond the Page takes a hands-on approach to learning that encourages children to move beyond textbooks and worksheets and apply learning to their world. Product Workshop, Moving Beyond the Page (S,A,F,J)

“The Not-So-Known Secret to Homeschool Success” (Nicholeen Peck)

What do you want your homeschool to accomplish this year? What do you want your children to turn out like because they were part of your home environment? These goals are possible to achieve with this one life changing, family motivating secret to a happy, united family. Come listen to veteran homeschool mom, Nicholeen Peck, as she shares the secret to homeschool success and family unity that helps you find solutions to your tough parenting problems and homeschool struggles. Learning Workshop, Teaching Self-Government (S,A,F,J)

“Overcoming the Expectation Trap to Save Your Homeschool Day and Your Relationships” (Nicholeen Peck)

When does frustration hit you? Why does it come? Do you ever get angry and regret it later? Why do people get angry when they really don’t want to turn into monsters or emotional wrecks? It’s because of the expectation trap. Most people fall into the expectation trap on a regular basis. There is away out, and expectations aren’t bad. Find out how to turn expectations into success instead of emotional traps. This is the secret to you loving your homeschool experience and accomplishing more each day. Learning Workshop, Teaching Self-Government (A,F)

“The Power of Calm: Parenting Strong-willed Children” (Nicholeen Peck)

Calmness is freedom. Too many families live in emotional bondage. When a parent can be calm even if their child isn’t, the parent is able to touch the heart of the child. In fact, calmness is key to changing the heart. It is possible to be calm when someone else isn’t and get them calm at the same time. Come find out how you can experience the power of calm. Learning Workshop, Teaching Self-Government (S,A,F,J)

“Prime Numbers – The Gateway to Algebra and Beyond!” (Henderson Riley)

This hands-on workshop will show how to use prime numbers to simplify both numerical and algebraic fractions, greatest common factors, least common multiples, simplifying roots and determining patterns in sequences. This workshop is for anyone who is pre-algebra and up to pre-calculus. The workshop is fast paced and fun whether you are a middle school student, high school student or parent. This is a must for parents of younger children preparing for pre-algebra! Learning Workshop, Mr. D Math (S,A,F)

“Proper Care and Feeding of the Artistic Child (filmmaking, theater, music, dance, art)” (Damon Evans)

Do you have a creative child? Do you worry about his or her future? Do you feel ill-equipped to guide your budding artist? Filmmaker Damon Evans shares fascinating discoveries about creative kids and how the arts prepare students to be successful adults. You will learn how to nurture artistic gifts in your children and help develop a vision for expressing them that has value to the world. Learning Workshop, Film School 4 Teens (S,A,F)

“SAT Math – It’s Not the Math, it’s the Question that is Confusing!” (Henderson Riley)

Join Mr. H for a mini-SAT Boot Camp. Mr. H will be showing the tips and techniques from his SAT Boot Camps. This workshop will focus on math, the language behind the questions and show participants what they really need to know before taking the math section of the SAT. Find out the words on the test that give tips for how to solve the questions as well learning what formulas you really need to know before the taking the SAT. Students and parents alike will learn how to unravel the questions being asked into something they can solve quickly and easily. These techniques can be used for other testing situations and subject areas as well. Learning Workshop, Mr. D Math (S,A,F)

“The Science of Motivation” (Adam Hailstone)

Consistent and strong motivation is not always easy to come by. Motivating others, especially youth, can be even harder. But so often parents, teachers, and employers use methods to motivate others that work in the short term but do not last; or even worse, have long-lasting adverse effects. In this workshop, Adam Hailstone of Williamsburg Learning will share with you the science of motivation and how to nurture deep intrinsic motivation in your children. Learning Workshop, Williamsburg Learning (A,F)

“Solutions for the Struggling Math Student” (Nathan Martin)

How do you solve a student’s math anxiety, and help them succeed? Students and parents learn proven, practical solutions to restore mathematical confidence and reach grade-level proficiency quickly. This workshop is of benefit to any age learner, but particularly to parents of teenagers who are struggling with middle and high school level math. Product Workshop, Math-U-See (S,A,F)

“Sounds First” (Trish Padgett)

When teaching reading and spelling skills, we need to fill our toolkit with language and skills that support the mechanics of reading and spelling. Because English is a phoneme (sound) based language, tools that address sounds and rules are essential. Sounds First is an organization of consonant and vowel sounds and the reading and spelling rules. During this workshop we will: 1) explore an organization of vowel sounds, 2) discover the syllable types, 3) learn basic reading and spelling rules, and 4) practice putting it all together. These concepts are the foundational knowledge for teaching the mechanics of reading and spelling. Learning Workshop, Create! Press (S,A)

“Tips & Techniques for Supplementing Curriculum” (Leslie Daniels)

“The most precious gift we can share with our children is the gift of joy. When there is joy, our children will quite naturally enter into positive learning experiences.” Creating positive and joyful learning experiences is an essential tool for successful teaching. Developing and deepening the relationships we have with our children is another valuable tool in homeschooling. These endeavors involve a balance between academics, hands-on projects, and artistic expression. This workshop will share tips and techniques that focus on the “heart and hands” of homeschooling, with interactive question and answer sessions throughout the presentation. Learning Workshop, Oak Meadow Independent Learning (S,A)

“Writing Games!” (Trish Padgett)

Writing games invite students to discover and explore the patterns of the oral and written language around them. Writing Adventures® games and activities discover the patterns in parts of speech, sentences, paragraphs, essays, and narratives. Games also offer the starting and ending points students need to begin and finish writing tasks/assignments. For students of all ages, patterns in expository and narrative structure guide not only writing skills, but comprehension and oral language skills as well. Explore the games that encourage students to successfully put their language in written form on paper or web based graphic organizers. Product Workshop, Create! Press (S,A)

“Yes, Yes…You Can Have a Blast Teaching Math!” (Nicole Thomas)

Think you have to love math or be a math whiz to teach it? Think again. This session is designed to give you real-life tools to make math memorable and even (gasp) fun! Nicole the Math Lady will share the four M’S to making math “stick.” You’ll also learn the top three mistakes parents make when teaching math. If you’re ready to revolutionize your math classroom, this is the workshop for you! Learning Workshop, Nicole the Math Lady (S,A,F,J)