All workshops presented at the IDEA Virtual Fair are listed. This page will be removed on May 31st, so watch whatever you want before that!

  • Any titles that are linked below go to the recorded video.
  • There are notes if the link goes to a PowerPoint or some other handout.
  • Many weren’t recorded; it there are no links, the vendor had nothing to share.

ASL Concepts – Jessica Parker & Ginny Patton – NO LINK; problems with recording.
American Sign Language Classes Online (High School)

Blackbird & Company – Kimberly Bredberg – The videos will be posted soon (probably Monday, May 11) at the link below.
The Joy of Reading and Writing: Kindergarten and the Primary Years
The Joyful Pursuit of Literacy: One Year at a Time

BookShark – Lynn Woodley
BookShark – An Overview
Choosing BookShark Levels that are right for your family

BYU Independent Study – John Kent
A Guided Tour Through the Student’s View of a BYU Online Course – Password: 4O=h1.0$

Center for Lit – Adam Andrews
Building the Perfect Reading List
Teaching the Classics from Seuss to Socrates

Create! Press – Trish Padgett
Sounds First – PowerPoint slides & handouts
Writing Games! – PowerPoint slides & handouts

Discover Talking Pen – Brett Christensen
STEM Learning: How to Think Like an Innovator

The Etiquette Factory – Monica Irvine
Discipline with Love so We Don’t Break our Child’s Spirit – Recorded with a different group.
Raising our Boys to be True Gentlemen – Not recorded, but this one is similar.

Exploration Education – John Grunder – NOT RECORDED
Teaching Science in a Homeschool Environment

Historical Conquest – Zack Edwards
Finding Age Appropriate and Accurate Resources for your Student – PowerPoint slides
How to Play Historical Conquest and Use to Enjoy History

IDEA – Carol Simpson
Homeschooling with a Baby on Your Shoulder and a Toddler at Your Heels
How to Be the Perfect Homeschooler
How to Make the Most of This Season of Life

IDEA – Deb Mackie, IDEA High School Specialist – NOT RECORDED
Keeping Doors Open ~ Making Opportunities for your High Schooler
Planning for Life After High School? – So many questions….

9 Things You Should Know About IDEA Tech
Endless Internet (GCI)
Getting Started With iPad (Apple)
Keeping Kids Connected with MiFi (AT&T)
Show and Tell with DELL

IDEA – Lori Zulliger, Scott Gingrich, & IDEA Academic Decathlon Coaches – NOT RECORDED
High School Academic Decathlon

IDEA – Mary Ekblad & Dawn Cogan
Applied Science – Backyard Beekeeping

IEW – Andrew Pudewa
Copywork to Composition: Learning Writing by Imitation
Cultivating Language Arts: Preschool through High School

IEW – Nathan King
EZ + 1: Making Sense of Teaching Writing – There were internet glitches, so this is a recording with another group, presented by Laura House

Lucky 13 Education – Valerie Humphrey
Exploratory Learning with Kits and Hands on Materials
Gameschooling 101 – Making Learning Fun

Moving Beyond the Page – Angela Marie D’Antonio – NOT RECORDED
Moving Beyond the What? An Introduction to Moving Beyond the Page

MoxieBox Art Inc. – Jim Warner & Matt Kirby
Creativity – The Tool of Life – Not recorded; this is Matt presenting to a different group.
What is MoxieBox Art All About? – Not recorded; this is a walk-through the different lesson plan levels.

Mr. D Math – Dennis DiNoia
How to Think and Talk Math
SAT Math – It’s Not the Math, It’s the Question that is Confusing!

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Nancy Larson Science – Nancy Larson
Success in Teaching K-5 Science–Here’s How: Nancy Larson Science

Nicole the Math Lady – Nicole Thomas
Smiles, Giggles and Engagement: The Keys to Happy Math Learning

Note Distinction – Ezra Washington
Music Learning That Works

Oak Meadow – Shannon Herrick, Leslie Daniels – NOT RECORDED
Tips and Techniques for Joyful Learning at Home

OceanOtter Publishing – Barbara Brovelli-Moon
Field Guides of Alaska for Families and Children: The “I Saw It” Series – Not recorded, but she recorded a short summary.

RightStart Mathematics – Maren Ehley
RightStart Fractions – No sound for the first minute and a half.

TalkBox.Mom – Adelaide Olguin
Don’t Learn a Foreign Language. Actually Talk in One!
Travel the World While You Homeschool

Teaching Self-Government – Nicholeen Peck
Overcoming the Expectation Trap to Save Your Homeschool Day
The Not-So-Known Secret to Homeschool Success

TechTrep – Daniel Bates – NOT RECORDED
TechTrep STEM Courses

University of Alaska Fairbanks – Jessica Armstrong
UAF’s eCampus Advantage Dual Enrollment program

UnLock Math – Matthew Blackwood
Presenting UnLock Math 2.0

Williamsburg Learning – Adam Hailstone
Finding the Energy To Homeschool – another group, with James Ure
The Science of Motivation – with IDEA; Password: 2X*1^Fr. (Yes, include the period.)

WinterPromise Publishing – Michael Brooks – NOT RECORDED
WinterPromise Curriculum Workshop

WriteAtHome & Wasko Lit – Brian Wasko
Developing Teen Writers
Teaching Literature Without Ruining the Books