Attending in person?

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Can’t come in person?

Scroll down to register for the “virtual-only” portion of the Fair!

Why register ASAP??

  • Access to our conference app, Whova! (pronounced hoo’-vah)
  • Virtual Workshops: Attend the live workshops that will be streamed in our conference app the week of April 8-12!
  • Personalized agenda: Whova allows you to tag workshops that you are interested in to create your own agenda and even set reminders so that you don’t miss a workshop that you selected!
  • Virtual exhibitor booths: Visit virtual booths to learn more about an exhibitor, their products and sales, view videos or flyers, and use the chat feature to ask them questions. 
  • Community Board: Post questions to other homeschoolers who are attending this event or read through comments in other threads.
  • Quicker entry for in-person attendees: You can skip a step at the door when you arrive because you have pre-registered, which makes the line move faster for everyone! 
  • Nametags for in-person attendees: A pre-printed clip-on nametag will be generated for the person who registers to attend in-person. We will have additional nametags on hand at the door for other adult family members. Be sure to register for the correct location (or virtual-only), as that will determine where (or if) your nametag is pre-printed!
  • Passport Contest for in-person attendees! If you are attending in person, you can collect passport stamps from participating exhibitors. When you collect 15, you are automatically entered into a drawing for one of ten $100 Amazon gift cards! You must pre-register for the Fair in order to participate!

Having problems registering??

  1. Q. I get an error message on the registration page where I enter all my details that says “Incorrect authentication credentials.” A. This means that you are entering a password that does not match the Whova account already associated with your email address. If you don’t have your Whova password recorded somewhere, check the “I am not a robot” box and then click the link for “Forgot password?” Whova will send you an email to reset your password. (You might need to check your spam.)
  2. Q. I can’t even get to the registration page where I enter details. When I click on the “Register” button on the first page, nothing happens. A. First, make sure that you selected a number of tickets and checked the box for Terms and Conditions. If it still does not go onto the page where you enter all the details, you need to turn off pop-up blockers in your browser settings. (The registration page is a pop-up.)
  3. Q. Whova says “Enter Invitation Code” and tells me that I should have received an invitation code in my email, but I don’t have that. A. This means that you are not registered for the Fair, or your Whova login (email address) does not match the one that you used to register for the Fair…which would be the same thing to Whova, which identifies you by your email address and is not seeing you in the list of registered attendees. We don’t send the invitation code, because that allows anyone that it is shared with to bypass the registration process. The “fix” is to match up the Whova login address with the registered attendee email address. Ask your Field Rep or send an email to Carol Simpson with your name and email address We can check and/or repair in the Fair registrations. It’s easiest for us to look up by name, since the email address is likely wrong, but we also need the email address to compare. Carol or any of the Field Reps can change it in the Fair attendee list, or you can change your info in Whova. If you change it in Whova, after saving the change, you will need to log out and back in again to refresh Whova. (You find this in Whova under your profile settings, top right corner on a computer and top left corner on a phone.) You may need to uninstall and reinstall Whova, but this is unlikely.

What is the cost?

One of the benefits of being in IDEA is free admission to the IDEA Curriculum Fair! For those not in IDEA, the registration fee is a very reasonable $20/family, a small percentage of the typical admission fees for homeschool conventions that are held Outside. You need only purchase one ticket for your entire family. Admission fee includes the Exhibit Hall and all workshops, with the exception of the Keynote meal and speech. The price is the same for each of the four locations, whether our Curriculum Fair is one day or two in that location.