IDEA Curriculum Fair 2020: Keynote Meal

Keynote: Education in an Hour – Teaching Life’s Most Crucial Lesson in One Sitting

If you had only one hour in which to give your student a complete education, could you do it? If you accepted the challenge, what lesson would you teach? Adam Andrews argues that a complete and profound education can be acquired in one lesson – and then sets out to prove this audacious claim in an eye-opening, inspiring presentation. Adam first demonstrates the lesson using an example from his own subject, Literature. He then shows you how to teach it in your own area of interest. Adam gives examples of the lesson from every subject in the curriculum and invites the audience to contribute their own ideas. The power of this lesson may revolutionize the way you teach on a daily basis – and it only takes an hour!

Keynote delivered by: Adam Andrews, homeschooling founder and director of Center for Lit, which teaches a simple, inspiring method for understanding literature.
Keynote Speaker

Purchase Tickets Early!

Keynote Meal tickets are available from local IDEA offices for $15. (Juneau is a continental breakfast for $10.) All tickets must be purchased in advance so that we can provide accurate numbers to the caterers. The purchase price is the same for IDEA and non-IDEA attendees. The meals in every location cost far more than $15 each and are subsidized by IDEA so that more homeschoolers can be encouraged and inspired! Since there is limited seating in most locations, anyone taking a seat must purchase a ticket, including small children. Nursing babies are of course free.

Room C, Soldotna Regional Sports Center

Wednesday, April 29, 2020
8:00 – 10:00 am

MENU: Scrambled eggs with cheese, home-style potatoes, crisp bacon and sausage links, fresh fruit bowl, and assorted breakfast breads and muffins. Beverages include assorted fruit juices, coffee, tea, and water.
(Meal served only 8:15-9:00; beverages available throughout keynote.)

Purchase tickets ($15) at the IDEA office at the Copper Center. Questions? Call the office at 260-7555, or contact Leanne Cragg at 260-3158 or via email.

Explorer’s Hall, Egan Center (Cook Room, far left on main floor)

Thursday, April 30, 2020
8:00 – 10:00 am

MENU: French toast topped with a seasonal berry compote, served with whipped cream, warm maple syrup, crispy bacon & fresh sliced seasonal fruit. Served with pastries, coffee, tea, water, and orange juice.

Purchase tickets ($15) in Anchorage at the IDEA Office, 670 W. Fireweed Lane. Questions? Call the office at 562-4332, or contact Sally Javier at 333-2255 or via email.

Purchase tickets ($15) in the Mat-Su Valley at the IDEA Wasilla Office, 705 S. Knik Goose Bay Rd., Suite E.  Questions? Call the office at 357-4850, or contact Heidi Mobley at 357-4896 or via email.

Northern Latitudes Restaurant, Westmark Hotel & Conference Center

Monday, May 4, 2020
8:00 – 10:00 am

MENU: Scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, hot biscuits, and ham. Beverages include iced water, orange juice, selection of hot teas, regular and decaffeinated coffee.

Purchase tickets ($15) at the IDEA Office at 2157 Van Horn Road. Questions? Call the office at 374-2200, or contact Jen Schutte at 456-1368 or via email.

The Hub, Juneau Christian Center

Thursday, May 7, 2020
8:30 – 10:30 am

MENU: Continental breakfast includes gluten free oatmeal, individual yogurt, granola topping, sausage patties/links, boiled eggs, fruit, pastries, bagels/cream cheese, coffee, tea, milk and juice.

Purchase tickets ($10) at the IDEA office at 8800 Glacier Highway, Suite 217. Questions? Call the office at 789-6106, or contact Emma Deats at 790-4755 or via email.