IDEA Curriculum Fair 2019: Keynote Speaker Julie Bogart

Keynote speaker sponsored by Rainbow Resource Center!

Julie loves writing.
Julie loves kids.
Julie loves parents!

She considers it the most serendipitously wonderful collision of love that she gets to be involved with all three every day. Early on, she put in her time in the professional writing world through editing, ghost-writing, and freelancing. But when she got to the point where her kids were on the precipice between manual control of a pencil and self-expression in writing, she could see quickly that what she enjoyed most was coaching—being the person to facilitate the birth of original thought. She created Brave Writer to recreate that experience for other homeschooling parents!

Brave Writer Workshops

In addition to the Keynote (“The Brave Learner”), Julie will be hosting several additional workshops at the Fair:


I grew up in southern California, attended UCLA (Bachelor’s in history, 1983), studied abroad in France, spent a summer in Democratic Republic of Congo, lived in Morocco for four years, and earned my Master’s in theology from Xavier University (2007). I have five kids and homeschooled them for seventeen years. My professional writing credentials include ghostwriting, freelance writing, editing books, operating as the senior editor for a quarterly industry publication, and writing a weekly column for United Press International.

I’ve written Brave Writer’s Home Study Courses and have written or supervised the writing of all other Brave Writer products.

My work in Brave Writer was recognized as an “outstanding contribution to society” in 2017 when I was awarded the Anne E. and William F. Madges Alumni Award from Xavier University.

My homeschool credentials include ten years teaching theater and writing for our Cincinnati homeschool co-op of 300 students, four year membership in the steering committee of a local Charlotte Mason organization, speaking in the US, UK, and Canada at homeschool conventions, and hosting Brave Writer events all over the United States. Brave Writer opened its doors in January 2000 and has taught tens of thousands of families from all around the globe. Today, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio where I enjoy swimming, PG Tips tea every morning, and traveling to visit my globe-trotting kids.

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