Exhibitors: Registration Info

Our Curriculum Fair Exhibitor Registration Form is available in Word and as a pdf, which can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Both versions can be saved onto your computer and typed into. (If you are using Apple equipment, please use the pdf format!) Then re-save and attach to an email to Carol Simpson, or print and mail.

To download forms, RIGHT-click on a button below. This gives you a drop-down box of choices. Choose “Save link as…”, “Save target as…” or something similar and then choose your desktop or any other location on your computer where you want the form to be saved. Double-click on the form to open it and use the TAB on your keyboard to move forward through the fields (SHIFT-TAB to move backwards). Print and sign. Email form to Carol Simpson. If paying by check, also mail form and check to the Juneau address on the form.

Exhibitor Registration Form (Word) Exhibitor Registration Form (pdf)

If you don’t plan to rent booth space, but want to pay for stuff sacks only, use one of the forms below instead.

Stuff Sacks Only (Word) Stuff Sacks Only (pdf)

Need assistance?

There is more information outlined below for each section of the registration form. If you still need a hand, feel free to contact us for help.

Table specifications:

Booth sizes are approximately 10′ wide and 6′ deep. Booths are table spaces only, without pipe and drape dividers. Anchorage has 8′ tables only; Soldotna and Juneau have 6′ tables only; Fairbanks has a mixture of 6′ and 8′ tables. Exhibitors who register before 1/31/20 receive a $50 discount per table. Tables along the walls generally have about 3-4 feet of space behind them. Center tables will share the space behind them (5-8 feet). We will try to accommodate all requests on the registration form, where you should indicate if you prefer a wall table, need electricity, or have a tall display. There is limited space next to the tables in some locations (see floor plans) and exhibitors may not extend exhibit forward into the aisles.

Electrical outlets:

At all sites electricity is available for a small fee. We do not provide surge protectors or extension cords and we strongly recommend that you bring your own.


See the workshop request page for details about requesting workshops and completing the Workshop Information Form.

Laptop projectors for workshops:

We will do our best to provide laptop projectors to all vendors who request them, but there is limited availability in most locations. Indicate on the Workshop Form if you need a projector, and include the fee on the registration form. We must know well in advance if you need a projector so that we can be sure to plan your workshop in a room with the equipment that you need.

Hand-out sacks:

You must ship materials for the hand-out sacks to each location, but you may include payment for all locations on your registration form. See the hand-out sacks web page for details on what can be included and where to ship it. If you are paying for hand-out sacks only, the second page is not necessary; please complete just the first page of the registration form.


Exhibitors who register and pay at least 1/2 of the total due before January 31, 2020, receive a $50 discount per table, a substantial savings over later registration! Discounts do NOT apply to unmanned tables. Early Bird Discount is forfeited if the balance of the payment is not received by April 1. No refunds will be made after April 1. We accept credit cards, but deposit checks cannot be post-dated.

Four-location discount! Exhibitors who travel to all four locations get a discount equal to the cost of one full-price table ($350)!

Additional bonus for exhibitors who travel to all four locations! A drawing will be held at the end of the Fair (in Juneau) for FOUR FREE TABLES for the Curriculum Fair in the following year, one in each location.

Exhibit Hall needs:

Indicate here if you prefer a wall behind, need electricity or have a tall display. Please let us know if you have any additional and/or unusual specifications so that we can place you appropriately.

All of the facilities have WiFi access, but it can be minimal or inconsistent in all locations. If you want to display your website, we recommend that you download it onto your computer rather than displaying it live.

Exhibitor contact info:

Please include complete contact information for your company. To let us know who will be manning the booth, please check all boxes that apply. If the representative who will be attending the Fairs is different than (or in addition to) the one completing the registration, please give us their contact information as well.

Table preferences:

Tables are assigned based on replies from vendors with all possible regard given to your preference. When the tables are all assigned, we group them by exhibitor and re-assign them booth numbers, with each exhibitor assigned a single booth number for all of their tables. Your table request is really a reference to what area you will be located in, versus that actual table number; your final booth number will be different than your request, although it will most likely be in one of the locations that you requested. Blank floor plans are available on our website to help you to indicate your preferences. We date receipt of registrations and give first consideration to those who register soonest.


You can pay by check or credit card. If you pay by check, mail the check and the first two pages of the form to the address on the form. (You can email this as well.) If you are paying by credit card, email all three pages of the registration form directly to Carol Simpson.

Exhibitor general information (second page of form):

This information will assist us in profiling you accurately on our website and in the Fair packet that attendees receive. Please provide us with a very short description or indicate if you would like us to use one that we already have for you. As you look over the category choices, please do not select more than 2-3 categories that apply, as you will be listed in no more than three. This is also your opportunity to make us aware of any special requests for your tables or workshops.

Details about how ordering occurs at the Fair can be found on the Additional Info page, along with other details of interest.

Fair specials or door prizes (second page of form):

Vendors are encouraged to provide nice door prizes or special sale prices at the Fair. Word travels fast among homeschoolers! In addition to listing you as a door prize contributor on our website and in the Fair Guide, we will announce the winners and the participating vendor to the entire assembly. We ask you to keep the door prize(s) at your booth so that we can send the winners to you directly, providing a more direct connection between you and the winner. Vendors who cannot be here for the exhibit are welcome to send door prizes or gift certificates. We will announce the winners and have them pick up the prize at a host table.