Exhibitor Registration

Complete the application below to request Fair participation. All exhibitors who participate in person will also have a virtual booth in our conference app (Whova), at no additional charge. If you can’t come, but still would like a virtual booth, the fee for just the virtual booth is $600.

If approved, you will be e-mailed a link to make a secure online credit payment. Optional discounts on your total due:

This registration form is for exhibitor booth space only. Exhibitor workshops have a separate registration and payment. There are a limited number of exhibitor workshop spaces available, so you will want to request workshop time as soon as you complete your booth registration. Workshop requests must be submitted by March 1, 2024.

Each paid exhibitor will receive an individualized link to manage your virtual booth through our Whova online event platform at the beginning of March.

Exhibitor registrations are confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis and must be submitted before April 1, 2024, to be considered.

Exhibitor Registration Form

Important details regarding registration

Exhibitor display specifications:

Booth sizes are approximately 10′ wide and 6′ deep. Booths are table spaces only, without pipe and drape dividers. Anchorage and Fairbanks have a mixture of 6′ and 8′ tables. Soldotna and Juneau have 6′ tables only. Whole tables must be manned. Half tables are available for an unmanned display and 1/4 tables are available if you would like us to set out catalogs for you.

Each table is topped and skirted. Tables along the walls generally have about 3-4 feet of space behind them. Center tables will share the space behind them (5-8 feet). We will try to accommodate all requests on the registration form, but wall space is limited and tall displays can be obstructive. You are welcome to bring your own table covering. You may adjust the table as you wish to allow more room in front, i.e., move table back if you like. You may use up to half of the space on either side of your table, which is quite limited in some places (see floor plans). However, your materials may not extend into the aisle at all, which is both a traffic problem and a hazard in an emergency. If you have additional display racks that you would like to set up, you must purchase another table space and let us know to leave that space blank for your racks.
Displays are limited to educational and secular materials. No food or cooking items. If you have toys to display, they must have a clear educational purpose.
Services may not be advertised at your booth.
Banners: We do not have pipe & drape in any location, and you should not expect to be able to attach banners to walls. Soldotna (gym and library) and Fairbanks (hotel) have tight quarters. In Anchorage, you can order pipe & drape from Party World. Juneau is in a smaller space & banners are not really necessary; every attendee will go to every booth.

Premium tables:

Tables that are in high demand (those near the door and/or the front of the room) cost slightly more than the rest of the tables. These premium tables are shaded green on the blank floor plans. They go fast, so be sure to register quickly if you want such placement! (Juneau is in a small room and has no premium tables.)

Table preferences:

Tables are assigned based on many factors, including date of registration and preferences expressed. When the tables are all assigned, we group them by exhibitor and re-assign them booth numbers, with each exhibitor assigned a single booth number for all of their tables. Your table request is really a reference to what area you will be located in, versus that actual table number; your final booth number will be different than your request, although it will most likely be in one of the locations that you requested. Blank floor plans are available on our website to help you to indicate your preferences. We date receipt of registrations and assign tables according to registration date.

Electrical outlets:

At all sites electricity is available for a small fee. We do not provide surge protectors or extension cords and we strongly recommend that you bring your own.

Exhibit Hall needs:

Let us know if you prefer a wall behind or have a backdrop or other tall signage. We will provide skirted tables, but some exhibitors prefer to bring their own tables or shelving and many have their own skirting, so please let us know if you do NOT need our tables or skirting. Please share any additional and/or unusual specifications so that we can place you appropriately.


All of the facilities have WiFi access, but it can be minimal or inconsistent in all locations. If you want to display your website, we recommend that you download it onto your computer rather than displaying it live.

Fair specials or door prizes:

Vendors are encouraged to provide nice door prizes and/or special sale prices at the Fair. Word travels fast among homeschoolers! In addition to listing you as a door prize contributor on our website and in our conference app, we will announce the winners and the participating vendor to the entire assembly. We ask you to keep the door prize(s) at your booth so that we can send the winners to you directly, providing a more direct connection between you and the winner. Vendors who cannot be here for the exhibit are welcome to send door prizes or gift certificates. We will announce the winners and have them pick up the prize at our host table.

Any special sales that you offer at the Fair must be applied to all orders taken at the Fair, which means that those prices will be reflected on the purchase orders that we send you at the beginning of July and must be honored at that time.

Passport Contest:

This is an optional add-on for exhibitors who will be physically present. The Passport Contest draws people to your booth and provides an avenue for you to connect with potential customers. Attendees enter a drawing by collecting stamps from participating vendors. To get your stamp, they must visit your booth and have you scan their nametag through the Whova app with a tablet or your phone. Scanning their nametag provides you with their name and email address so you can follow up on your conversation.

Hand-out sacks:

You must ship materials for the hand-out sacks to each location, but you may include payment for all locations on your registration form. See the hand-out sacks page for details on what can be included and where to ship it.

Setup and takedown:

When you arrive during the setup time period, you will find tables set up and skirted, with 1-2 chairs per vendor (not per table). More chairs will be available as needed. We will have staff available to help you to find your table.

Early takedown at the end of the day is not permissible. Fair attendees expect the curriculum exhibits to be open during advertised hours. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Vendors who leave before the Exhibit Hall is closed are unlikely to be invited back.


As with all homeschool events, many parents are likely to have their children with them. We encourage you to be kind at the same time you help us keep the aisles free of children. If you will have things at your booth that are likely to attract groups of children, please let us know so that we can help assign a proper space for you that will keep traffic moving.


We would like you to wear nametags identifying you as an exhibitor. You may use your own nametag, if you have one, but we will print nametags for you and have them available at the first location that you registered for. Please take them with you as you travel to each location.

Purchase Orders and Onsite Purchasing:

IDEA will arrange to approve onsite purchasing and ordering through allotment for IDEA families only. Vendors are free to accept cash and/or credit card purchases from any attendee (please bring your own receipts). You will receive a copy of each IDEA family order that is placed in person on the day of the Fair. For each vendor, IDEA will issue one Purchase Order for items ordered at the fair that are to be shipped later. For vendors who will have items that parents can take away with them, a second Purchase Order will be prepared for those items. Families may also place orders online, so the PO that you receive for orders to be shipped are likely to include additional orders. All purchase orders will be emailed or faxed to vendors during the first few days of July and invoicing can begin as soon as you get the PO(s). You may give purchasers items at the Fair, but please do not ship any items until after you receive the PO.