Exhibitors: Hand-out Sacks

We have arranged for homeschoolers in each location to stuff bags in order to raise funds for homeschooling activities. Here are some things to keep in mind about materials for the stuff sacks. First time advertising in hand-out sacks and have questions? Contact Carol Simpson or the local organizer listed below.

  • Content – Materials for the hand-out sacks must be secular and homeschool-related! If you are not sure if your item would qualify, please get it pre-approved before printing multiple copies.
  • Weight – It is a problem if the bags get too heavy, so ONLY catalogs or flyers that weigh less than two ounces each may be sent to be included in these sacks. If you want to send catalogs that weigh more than two ounces, you must purchase 1/4 or 1/2 tables for display.
  • Number – We do not prepare enough bags for every attendee. Occasionally attendees are not anxious to carry bags throughout the events. Many plan to pick the sacks up at the door as they leave, and then do not. Also homeschoolers tend to pick up just one bag per family.
  • Note to vendors for activities/instruction – No vendor flyer may claim that the vendor is “approved by IDEA.” They may state that they are willing to bill IDEA directly if that is the case.
  • Shipping – Please send your flyers to each office below so that they arrive by April 15th. Below are listed the IDEA locations, amount of flyers and the needed fee. Don’t forget to specify “Hand-Out Sacks” on your shipment. Thank you for helping us to provide this service!
  • Payment – If you will be exhibiting, include payment for stuff sacks on your Registration Form and mail to Juneau or email to Carol Simpson. If you are doing stuff sacks only, you may use the shortened form below instead. Alternatively, you may include payment in the box with the materials, if that is more convenient. If you put it in the box, please just include the payment for that location, using multiple checks for shipping to multiple addresses.
Stuff Sacks Only (Word) Stuff Sacks Only (pdf)

Door prizes – Door prizes can be sent to the same addresses, marking those boxes “Doorprizes” instead of “Hand-out sacks.” You can send both in the same box, if you like; just mark it “Hand-out sacks and doorprizes,” please.


Attn: Hand-Out Sacks
43335 Kalifornsky Beach Rd., Suite 31
Soldotna, AK 99669
Send 250 flyers ($20.00 for stuffing)

Email Leanne Cragg or call 907-260-3158


Attn: Hand-Out Sacks
670 W. Fireweed Lane
Anchorage, AK 99503
Send 800 flyers ($60.00 for stuffing)

Email Heidi Mobley or call 907-357-4896


Attn: Hand-Out Sacks
2157 Van Horn Rd.
Fairbanks, AK 99701
Send 350 flyers ($25.00 for stuffing)

Email Jen Schutte or call 907-456-1368


Attn: Hand-Out Sacks
8800 Glacier Highway, Ste. 217
Juneau, AK 99801
Send 125 flyers ($10.00 for stuffing)

Email Emma Deats or call 907-790-4755

Please note that IDEA staff reserve the right to deny materials if deemed inappropriate or of conflicting interest.

Duplicate vendor materials:
Occasionally, we receive requests from multiple vendors providing similar or identical products/services. When this happens, any overlapping service hand out materials will be qualified case-by-case,  and if eligibility requirements are met for all parties, we will approve on a first-come-first-served basis.

First-time hand out sacks participant:
If you are a first-time advertiser, we recommend speaking with our Curriculum Fair organizer before mailing your materials to ensure they meet our eligibility requirements. If we are unable to accept your materials, we will mail both your materials and your check back to you.