Note: There are no internal walls. All tables on the wall will be in the perimeter. If you indicate preferences and want a wall location, you must choose tables on the perimeter. Tables shaded green are premium tables. Tables shaded red are no longer available.

Close to the Fair dates, a second link is posted for each location. This second link goes to the completed floor plan, with booth numbers (these are different than table numbers because some booths include multiple tables), so that you can see where your booth is located. You will also be notified of your assigned booth number via email 2-3 weeks before the Fair.

Refer to these blank floorplans to select table numbers to indicate your preferences on the registration form.
Completed floorplans, with booth numbers, are posted close to the Fair dates.
Blank Anchorage floorplan (tables) Final Anchorage floorplan (booths)
Blank Soldotna floorplan (tables) Final Soldotna floorplan (booths)
Blank Fairbanks floorplan (tables) Final Fairbanks floorplan (booths)
Blank Juneau floorplan (tables) Final Juneau floorplan (booths)