IDEA Curriculum Fair 2024: About Entrance Fees

Keynote Lunch (only)

They keynote meal is a lunch this year. Tickets are available for purchase online for $15 per seat. All tickets must be purchased in advance. The purchase price is the same for IDEA and non-IDEA attendees. Keynote Meal does not include general Fair admission. The meals in every location cost far more than $15 each and are subsidized by IDEA so that more homeschoolers can be encouraged and inspired! Since there is limited seating in most locations, anyone taking a seat must purchase a ticket, including small children. Nursing babies are of course free.

General Fair Admission 

IDEA Families

The Exhibit Halls and Workshops are available at no charge to IDEA families, including homeschoolers who are newly-enrolled for next year.

Non-IDEA Families
You are welcome and encouraged to participate! The fee charged ($20/family) is a small percentage of the typical admission fees for other homeschool conventions. Admission tickets may be purchased at the door or online. Admission provides access to the Exhibit Hall and all workshops, with the exception of the Keynote meal and speech. The price is the same for each of the four locations, whether the Fair is one day or two in that location.

Why are there no entrance fees for IDEA families?

As part of our commitment to serving those interested in home education in Alaska, we have brought this large homeschool convention to several cities across Alaska since 1999. The nationally-known speakers, opportunity to see homeschool materials up close, inspiring workshops and the companionship of like-minded families add up to an experience that cannot be compared! Although we love serving the homeschool community in this way, it is a tremendous amount of work to put on a multi-city event each year, with effort and expenses that are born solely by IDEA.

Included in the many benefits of their enrollment is the opportunity for IDEA families to attend regular events and the annual Curriculum Fair at no charge to their allotment. If you pay for your admission to the Fair, and then decide to enroll in the most popular partnership program serving Alaska homeschoolers, your entrance fee can be reimbursed. All items purchased at the Curriculum Fair that support your students’ learning plan are reimbursable out of allotment.