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August 26 - September 01
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    LEGO Robotics Club PARENT MEETING 1:00-2:00pm (grades 4-8)

    1:00 PM-2:00 PM

    LEGO Robotics: For ages 9-14 (grades 4-8). IDEA students only. All meetings are on Thursdays from 1-3 pm at IDEA. This is a competitive team which meets from Sept thru Feb. You must be pre-registered. This is a meeting for parents. You can register at this meeting and find out all the information as well as meet your coaches.                                                                                     

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    Office closed for Staff In-Service (teachers/Field Rep/Admin) will not be available today)

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    Early Bird ILPs Due

    All day

    Earn a $10.00 coupon to use in the resource room for each ILP turned in early

    Here’s how:

    1)  Turn in complete ILPs to your Contact Teacher or the Reception Desk on or before Friday,  August 31, 2018 at 5pm. Please note that the standard due date for ILPs is no later than September 15 every year.

    2)  If you turn in your ILP at the reception desk your teacher will review it to make sure it is complete and then send you a note letting you know when you can pick up your coupons at the reception desk or from them.  Most teachers will want to meet with parents to discuss their ILP, this will definitely be the case if you are a family new to IDEA.

    3)  There is a drop box in the IDEA parking lot (under the IDEA sign). It looks like a silver/gray mail box but it is a drop box for paperwork that you would like to turn in after hours.

    Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

    1. ILP’s may be turned in at any time before the September 15 due date. Your contact teacher will visit with you, either in person or on the phone, to develop and/or review your ILP. If the ILP conference has not taken place by the due date, your allotment will be “frozen.” The funds are released as soon as the ILP is received and signed by the contact teacher. The state will not allow us to claim funding for any students for which we do not have a current ILP. Therefore, in October, we must withdraw all students without ILP’s.
    2. Complete the information requested for each subject that you plan to teach this year. Information asked for varies, but basically includes what you will use to teach and what you plan to cover.
    3. Include only courses that you fully intend to complete this year; do not include classes that you are hoping you might have time to do. You can always complete an ILP Amendment to add a course later; you cannot remove any course after the November 15th (for fall semester) and March 15th (for spring semester) drop dates.
    4. Include all courses on the ILP.
    5. Your contact teacher is available to assist in filling out any forms, if needed, and he/she may ask for clarification or adaptations before it is signed and sent to the Student Records Department in Fairbanks.
    6. State standards are available on the IDEA website and in our offices to provide assistance in planning a course of study. They show what topics are included in the educational standards for Alaska in the four academic areas of math, language arts, science, and social studies.

    Below I’ve included some links to the IDEA website for your convenience.  You will need your IDEA username and password to access these links:

     ILP forms and Instructions on filling out an ILP for High School: https://www.ideafamilies.org/families/student-records-9-12/   

    Questions & Answers about ILPs:  https://www.ideafamilies.org/families/ilp-tips/

    ILP forms and Instructions on filling out an ILP for K-8 grade:  https://www.ideafamilies.org/families/student-records-k-8/

    For more information or if you have questions please give your contact teacher a call at the office 374-2200

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