Ep 2: How Much Freedom and Choice Do You Have With IDEA?

In this episode, Lori Zulliger and host Lindsay Pinkelman discuss choices in homeschooling with IDEA from online, curriculum libraries, co-ops, packaged kits, field trips and dual-enrollment. Together they discuss how exploring a child’s learning style strength can create a solid foundation for developing their love of learning.

Guest Biography:
Lori Zulliger is a Contact Teacher for IDEA. She has served homeschooling families as their educational colleague since 2001, and has delighted in watching young children grow up to be confident and capable adults. Lori homeschooled her own daughter through IDEA, so she understands IDEA from the inside-out. Lori adores the homeschooling community and is excited about the choices that are afforded to the parent-teachers and their students.

Resource Links:
Cathy Duffy Website:

  • Please reach out to your Contact Teacher for help using or accessing any of the following related to your educational choices in IDEA:
    • Activities, events, clubs and workshops happening in your local office weekly!
    • Local lesson providers and support!
    • Exploring new and different curriculum options!
    • Learning styles surveys!
    • A range of fun career/student interest surveys (best suited for middle/high school)!