Ep 1: Why Do You Homeschool?

In this episode, your host Lindsay Pinkelman, Counselor for IDEA Homeschool, talks with guests Cherie Taylor and Brittany Liles, both from IDEA Homeschool Region K (Kenai). Cherie and Brittany are both homeschooling parents who talk about moving to Alaska and making the decision as a family to homeschool. They each bring unique perspectives of why IDEA has been so successful for their children and how IDEA has provided more positive opportunities for their children to be involved in their own education. As a Field Rep for IDEA, Cherie talks about reasons other families seek homeschooling options with IDEA and we all talk about the positive support and resources IDEA provides its families.

Guest Biography

Cherie Taylor is a wife and a mama to a 9-yr old boy. She is in her 5th year of homeschooling.  She started with IDEA as a homeschool parent & Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) member.  She joined the PAC to be as involved as she could be in the arena of homeschooling—something that was new to her.  In July of 2020, due to the pandemic, the enrollment with IDEA was quickly escalating and Cherie was hired as a part time Field Rep, answering inquiries such as “How does homeschooling work?” and “How does IDEA come alongside families to support homeschooling?” In October of 2020, Cherie was hired as the full-time Field Rep. She enjoys reading, baking, playing games, spending time with friends and volunteering at her church. She also has two other part-time jobs, so she is very busy, but enjoys it all!

Brittany Liles was born and raised in central Texas. She graduated from Texas Tech University and taught as a public school teacher for several years before having her two children. As her children were growing up, she taught preschool and eventually became a children’s minister at her family church in Texas. In 2016, with her kids entering 4th and 6th grades, her family made the move to Alaska where they started their homeschooling journey. She chose to homeschool with IDEA because of the support, resources, and accountability, all found in our unique program. She is now in her seventh year of homeschooling, with her oldest graduating this spring. In her spare time, she enjoys church and youth group activities, reading, movies, and spending time with family and friends.