Ep 23: What Makes the IDEA and IGrad Graduation Ceremony So Unique?

Nancy Wold

Nancy Wold, an IDEA Homeschool parent, shares her unique perspective of capturing IDEA and IGrad’s graduation ceremonies from behind the camera lens. Since 2015, she has photographed and witnessed hundreds of Seniors celebrate and capture memories with their families. In this episode, you’ll learn about the things that makes the graduation ceremony so unique!

Guest Biography:
Nancy has been with IDEA since the year after it began and has homeschooled her 7 children all through their elementary, middle school and high school years.  She has photographed the commencement ceremonies since 2015.  Nancy appreciates the flexibility that IDEA has afforded her for picking curriculum to meet her homeschoolers needs.   Plus she is grateful for the guidance and accountability of the contact teachers.

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IDEA and iGrad Alaska Graduates

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