Ep 20: How Can You Get The Most Out Of Your Experience At Alaska’s Biggest And Best Homeschool Fair—Both Virtually And In-Person?


Brianna Gravelle


IDEA’s virtual and in-person Curriculum Fair is happening in April. In this episode, long-time home schooling mom Brianna Gravelle talks about her multiple experiences at the Anchorage Curriculum Fair. Podcast host, Lindsay Pinkelman talks about her experience at the Fairbanks Curriculum Fair and together they share all of the ways you can use the Whova app to best experience the virtual Curriculum Fair. This really is Alaska’s best homeschool Curriculum Fair!

Guest Biography:

Brianna Gravelle has been an Alaskan resident for over 20 years and has a long history homeschooling with IDEA that started as student in her teens. She has dedicated herself to schooling her three children, boys aged 3 and 5, and daughter 13, since 2020. She is passionate about supporting our IDEA community, helping it to grow!

In addition to her commitment to her children’s education, Brianna actively engages with the homeschooling community as a member of the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) for the past three years. Currently serving as the Social Media Secretary, she utilizes her skills to connect with fellow homeschooling families and share valuable resources.  She also attended the PAC retreat in Fairbanks this year, representing our MatSu families and working with other regions to present recommendations from parent surveys to the School Board.

Brianna is eagerly anticipating the upcoming IDEA Curriculum Fair in April, an event that holds special significance for her and her family. Having attended the fair for the past four years, Brianna views it as a cornerstone of her homeschooling journey. She eagerly looks forward to attending workshops, socializing with fellow homeschoolers, planning out their next year, and of course spending some of their allotment! For Brianna, the fair is more than just an event—it’s a dynamic platform that has enriched her family’s educational endeavors and fostered a sense of community among her and fellow homeschoolers across Alaska.

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