Curriculum Provider

What do I need to know about selling curriculum to IDEA families?
  • Our families can order from whomever they like, and may be reimbursed for materials that are secular and support their students’ individual learning plans. They also have the option to order from vendors through us and have us pay for the materials directly.
  • In the password-protected “family” section of our website, we provide a list of vendors that will accept purchase orders from us, invoicing us for the materials and drop-shipping to individual families. The rest of the information in this section applies to companies who would like to be included in this vendor list.
How do I get set up to sell curriculum to IDEA families?
  • Complete the Curricular Vendor Information Form on the bottom of this page. Our six Field Representatives will learn more about your company and products by reviewing your website and/or interviewing you.
  • This team will review your offerings and will confer as to applicability and then will get back to you.
  • If we agree to add you to our vendor list, the Field Rep will collect a bit more information from you and you will send us a W-9 Form.
How do I advertise to IDEA families?
  • Once you are set up as a vendor, your company and public contact information are listed in the family section of our website, which requires a login.
  • You may send an introductory email to the Field Rep that set you up and she will see that our staff gets it, so they know of your addition to our vendor list, and they may recommend your products to the families that they interact with.
How do I participate in the Curriculum Fair?
  • IDEA conducts a Curriculum Fair (homeschool convention) in four cities in Alaska in April-May. Information is posted on our website and email invitations sent to IDEA vendors toward the end of the calendar year. If you wish to participate, complete a registration form and remit payment for booth space.
  • At the Fair, homeschoolers are purchasing for the next year. Parents will be there that will pay directly, but most IDEA parents will want to pay via Purchase Order. You will have a record of orders received at the Fair, but you will not receive the PO nor ship goods until after July 1.
What is the sales and invoicing process?
  • Families can order from whomever they like and get reimbursed. If they choose to order through IDEA, they enter a requisition request using our online ordering system. From that, we create a purchase order for you, which may have more than one family’s order on it. You drop-ship the items to each individual family and invoice us. All needed information is provided on the PO. Payment is net 30 days after we receive the invoice.
  • The invoice must contain your contact info, the PO #, family names, and the titles and prices of items shipped and any shipping charges for each family.
  • Our fiscal year is July 1 – June 30, but we only accept orders for materials July 1 – March 31. Invoices for materials sold must be received within the fiscal year.