Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books District Winners 2020 

We’d like to recognize the hard work exhibited by each and every one of our Battle of the Books participants, team members, coaches, and the many parents and volunteers that make this event possible!  A BIG congratulations also goes out to our winning teams shown below.  All of our BOB teams placed in the statewide championship and BOTH our middle and high-schoolers earned first place!  

High School 

Nolan Reiley (Fairbanks)
Eve Piatt (Soldotna)
Lucia Larroque (Anchorage)
Suzanne Alioto (Coach K)

Our High School team placed first out of 18 teams across the state!

Middle School 

Katie Jones (Fairbanks)
Gwendolyn Cheney (Anchorage)
Lydia Schwartz (Soldotna)
Jamie Frieman (Coach F)

Middle-schoolers took first place against 26 teams competing statewide!

5th/6th Grade

Rebekah Siegersma (Soldotna)
Adrianna Brandenberger (Petersburg)
Ida Bodony (Galena)
Janice Salsman (Coach SE)

Our 5th/6th Graders took home 5th place out of 31 total teams competing!

3rd/4th Grade 

Isabell Massey (Anchorage)
Elodie Frisk (Soldotna)
Talon Palmer (Fairbanks)
Leah Van Order (Coach A)

Last, but not least–3rd/4th Graders received 9th place out of 31 teams across the state!