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Below are tips and links from our staff and parents. Please share tips from your home! Email them to any of the folks listed in your region as contacts. See the Guidelines page or click here to email Sally!

2/24/14~ Remember to check out the Iditarod Education Portal. Please discuss any cool resources that you find on your listservs or IDEA Facebook groups! You can also email Sally so that we can post them here and link back to the Iditarod Education Portal!

2/28/14 ~ Read about Idita-Nature! Can you play outside for 975 minutes during the next two weeks? Let us know if you decide to do so! Click here for a log sheet to use while enjoying outside play. (Created for 2013 but usable for any year!)

3/01/14 ~ At the Education Conference, one of the former Teachers on the Trail shared that only 12 to 15 racers each year really believe they will win the Iditarod. They have studied dogs, the trail and all of the known race variables and they have game plans for all the what ifs....and believe they have a chance to win. The rest are racing to finish. They are training puppy (2 year old) teams or they are in it for the experience. Surely some are hopeful they will get a break; however, they are in it to learn more about themselves, their dogs, the trail and to live an interesting life. That's why reading along the trail with a musher can be helpful! You can live an interesting life! Be sure to share with us about something you read or learn along the trail!

Here is a list of the top ten most likely to win the Iditarod Race this year (of course, this was put together before we knew for sure that we'd have a lot less snow!) A few have won previous Iditarod Races. All have learned while racing in races that were won by others.

3/02/14 ~ Terrie Hanke, the 2006 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail, shared Olivia's Story: Homophone practice based experiences of Olivia, the dog.

What do you do when your child struggles with homophones? Try letting your child tell you a story. Type and print it with options of homephone words that they will choose from! You can google for a homophone word list by grade level or use this all inclusive list of homophones and choose a few!

3/03/14 ~ Jon Van Zyle, the official artist of the Iditarod gives a short tutorial: Go Out and Get Creative!

3/04/14 ~ All of the mushers are through the Happy River Steps now. The Anchorage Daily News interviewed several of the mushers as they made it through. One musher lost things from his sled and received a fine for littering! Here is an article and a video by the Iditarod Trail Committee explaining more about the steps!

3/05/14 ~ Forces of Flight Applied to Sled Travel!

3/05/14 ~ Read articles by Iditarod's K-9 Journalists!! Wonderful articles designed with the readers age/reading level in mind and tips for use of the articles by educators!

3/06/14 ~ A good example of gee and haw as you follow a musher training dogs in Juneau at

3/07/14 ~ Aliy Zirkle was the first musher to reach Galena winning the Bristol Bay First Fish Award. IDEA is the homeschool program of the Galena City School District! Watch a really cool video about Galena that was filmed by a Juneau PAC parent when she visited Galena as a part of the yearly Parent Advisory Council's trip out to Galena.

3/10/14 ~ A quiz on the Iditarod in National Geographic for Kids! This was shared by the team in the Soldotna (Region K) office. One of the questions is about the total miles in the race. Round up to get the correct answer!

3/12/14 ~ Thank you to Maaret for sharing this picture of her children exploring what it means to be in the Iditarod!

3-16-14 ~ Iditarod for Students - Great fun!

We'd love to hear from you about any resources that you find related to Iditarod Ed. Send us pictures to post as well!


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