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Students (and parents) report on observations about books read!  Your reports may be a summary of an interview that your parent does with you. You may want to use the graphic organizers from Houghton Mifflin or Scholastic. Another help is the information at Education Northwest that provides a rubric for evaluating writing.  We're looking forward to hearing about your books. Thanks for joining us on the trail!

To send a report from your reading race trail, please email with the subject line IditaREAD.  Thank you!

Mitchell Anderson ~ The Mouse & the Motorcycle Anne Mayton ~ The Berenstain Bears Out West
Nathan Lattin ~ Mrs.Piggle-Wiggle Jacob Mayton ~ MTH#28: High Tide in Hawaii
Noelle Lattin ~ Happy Birthday, Samantha

Jesse Mayton ~ Rangers Apprentice: Siege of Macindaw

  Jasper Parker ~ The Berenstain Bears New Baby

The Berenstain Bears New Baby by Stan and Jan Berenstain.

From mom: Jasper hasn't finished the reading for the Iditread so we are submitting a book report. I clicked on the Houghton Mifflin link and used one of the suggested formats. He is only 4 so it worked out much better than a typical report. Click here to see a picture of what we worked out. ~ Jasper Parker (with mom)

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The Berenstain Bears Out West by Stan & Jan Barenstain

The Berenstain Bear family go on a family trip to visit their uncleTex and Aunt Min at their ranch in the west. They have horses and cows. Uncle Tex takes them for a ride on their ponies. They see canyons, rivers, ridges, the Painted Desert and natural bridges. They listen to the coyotes cry after a bbq dinner made by their Aunt min. They have a wonderful visit. This book was alot of fun. ~ Anne Mayton, 1st grade

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Happy Birthday, Samantha by Valerie Tripp

Samantha is having a birthday. She thinks it will be the best day ever. When all her friends arrive, they bring nice, shiny, wrapped gifts. When it is time for ice cream, the girls dig in with their spoons and gulp it down. Their faces turn pink. “Salt!” cried Samantha. Hawkins rushed in. He said, “Eddie tasted the ice cream a few minutes ago but didn’t complain. I didn’t know he put salt in it.” Grandmary brought in some cakes. Each one enjoyed one cake. Samantha’s birthday was more fun than she thought. ~ Noelle Lattin (Region K/ Jan Waldron)

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Magic Tree House #28: High Tide in Hawaii by Osborne, Mary Pope and Sal Murdocca

Jack and Annie go on another adventure in the treehouse. This time to Hawaii. While Annie is surfing with some new friends, Jack feels an earthquake. Strange things start to happen. Jack uses his research book to discover a giant earthquake is coming. He doesn't know how to surf but he grabs his surf board and rushes out to warn Annie and their new friends. They manage to get out of the water and climb up a cliff to safety just in time. It was an exciting story to read and I really liked it.
~ Jacob Mayton, 4th Grade

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The Mouse and the Motorcycle
by Beverly Cleary

The book named “The Mouse and the Motorcyle” by Beverly Cleary is a fictional book. It is about a mouse named Ralph who lives in a motel call Mountainview Inn. He receives a motorcyle from a boy and he rides on the motorcycle in the hallways.

By reading this book, I learned several good character qualities. Two people in this book showed kindness by helping Ralph and Ralph told the truth when he lost Keith’s motorcycle. Ralph had determination when he was trapped in the wastebasket. I also learned how to read a lot of new words like motorcyle, luggage, comfortable, unaware, and ambulance.

I would highly recommend this book to other readers. It is a good book because it shows good character qualities and it taught me a lot of new words. ~ Mitchell Anderson

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Mrs.Piggle-Wiggle by Betty MacDonald and Alexandra Boiger

I recently read the book, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle liked children and helped them not to be naughty. She helped one boy learn to clean up his room. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle had an upside-down house. The chandeliers were on the floor! Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle always liked to play. She even liked to have the children dig in her yard for gold.

My favorite part of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle is how funny it is. I really enjoyed it! ~ Nathan Lattin (Kenai Region/Jan Waldron)

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Rangers Apprentice: Siege of Macindaw by John Flanagan

A ranger named Will and his close friend Horace, who is a knight, are trying to save their friend Alyss from a knight by the name of Sir Keren, who took over the castle of Macindaw. Keren's second in command, John Buttle, is a very fast and fierce fighter who almost kills another of Horaces' friends, a giant named Trobar. This is an action packed story and I found it very exciting and fun to read. ~ Jesse Mayton, 6th grade

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