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975 Miles to Nome!

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? All IDEA students! Interested Parents too! (Prizes for students only.)

WHAT? This race is a reading race. Students pick a musher who is running this year’s race, and then try to read as fast as, or faster than their chosen Iditarod musher is traveling along the route to Nome. Each page in a book will be equal to one “musher” mile. (Parents please check each selection and approve the grade level, giving your students the O.K. ahead of time -- just like all the dogs must be checked by veterinarians before they can run in the race.)

WHEN? Saturday, March 5, 2016 @ 10 A.M. – Saturday evening on March 26, 2016 @ 11:59 P.M.

HOW? First sign-up your students from the link on IDEA’s web site to “race” to Nome, or type in the URL address: http://www.ideafamilies.org/iditaread.

Get ready for the race by encouraging your students to select their books or pages that will get them to a minimum total of 975* pages prior to the vet check. (Northern Route this year.) You as the parent (act as the vet) and check to see if the books are “healthy” for the race. You determine reading level. For some Alaskan books, click here to check out this book list! If you need more time to pick out all of your books or hear about the race after the start, that is okay; however, it is recommended that you set a reasonable goal for reading before the end of the race!

Reading Guidelines for the IditaRead:

This is your family’s race designed by IDEA to help you encourage reading and/or reading skills that you see are needed! It is suggested that you decide ahead of time the guidelines you wish to follow for the duration of this challenge. (See some suggestions below.)

· This reading challenge is to encourage reading for personal enjoyment of all age levels. You decide if pages read aloud by someone else can count toward the finish line for some or all of your readers. (For example, you may want to require ages 7+ to read to themselves, whereas you could combine independent reading and reading aloud with your little ones .) Keep in mind, “reading” a picture book is a great experience for emergent readers too.

· Decide ahead of time whether or not, or how, you will count pages with pictures. Perhaps your emergent reader will describe the pictures!

· Students could certainly read books they have written themselves. If your child is reluctant to read an assigned "school" book, it's okay to motivate them with this race!

Students keep track of their progress at home on the IditaRead Record Sheet (all forms and certificates are downloadable from the website and will be available asap) and as soon as your child reaches a checkpoint, they log in to the website and post their totals. (If it is motivating, let them log on as often as you/they like - Even after reading each page). Your child will be listed by age group in the order of pages read on your region's website under the Trail Breaker's page. The regional lists will be updated daily from Monday through Friday. Have your child look for their name on your region's list that is linked to the front page of the IditaREAD website!

No matter when a reader finishes the race, they can continue to read and log their total pages read until the end of the IditaREAD Challenge. There will be a place for the your child to enter their total pages read on the website. Total pages read is not part of the competition, just an individual accomplishment that we will celebrate. Several offices are tracking their mushers on bulletin boards or wall size Iditarod trails. Please check with your local IditaREAD coordinator for local details.

Awards will be given to any racers who meet the challenge to cross the finish line during the IditaREAD race. You can award certificates to your readers! They are available on the website (with the neat downloads) to use to help you encourage and motivate your children. We'll have prizes available at our offices to help you celebrate participation! (Make sure page totals are posted on the website and your local office has announced that it is time to pick up prizes before coming in to collect them.) Manipulating the data is partly manual...so if we miss something, please let us know! Thanks!

The IditaREAD website will recognize those IditaREADERS who write book reviews, please consider sharing your thoughts on the books you read! Graphic organizers from Houghton Mifflin and Scholastic are provided to help your child in their writing experience! There will be a small reward for contributors to the Trail Reports (book reviews)!

After the race, we will post the names of the readers who successfully crossed the finish line on the website. So be sure your children enter their progress no later than midnight (the evening of) March 22nd (The IditaREAD website will close to new entries at this time, so be sure to get your totals in before the deadline!) Entries will be posted as recorded. If you have concerns about internet security, you can select on option of using an initial for the last name or an alias. Just let Sally or your teacher know what your alias is so that we can make sure your child gets their prize(s). The last names of all students will be removed a few weeks after the prizes are announced. The Iditarod Education Director has taken an interest in our site and will be sharing information about it in the member section of the Insider!

NOTE: If your child’s Iditarod musher must scratch before the end of the race, your child needs to switch to a racer who has not finished the race and continue to “read to Nome”.

Questions or would you like to help? Please contact:

Region A – Sally Javier @ 333-2255 or Sally.Javier@ideafamilies.org

Region F - Sandy Blewett @ 456-1368 or Sandy.Blewett@ideafamilies.org

Region G & K - Suzanne Alioto @ 260-3158 or Suzanne Alioto@ideafamilies.org

Region MS – Leslie Seddon & Melanie Zahasky Leslie.Seddon@ideafamilies.org or Melanie.Zahasky@ideafamilies.org

Region SE - Janice Salsman @ 789-6106 or Janice.Salsman@ideafamilies.org

Iditarod lists the Northern Route as 975 miles long and downloadable bookmarks are available!

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