IDEA Curriculum Fair 2014: Featured Speaker Stephen Guffanti, M.D.

Attendee Welcome Page ~ Anchorage ~ Fairbanks ~ Juneau ~ Soldotna

WORKSHOPS that Stephen Guffanti will be doing at the Fair:

Active Child? ADHD? Laying the Groundwork for Solutions Part 1 (Understanding The Diagnosis, Your Child, Your Home - And Your Options)

Active Child? ADHD? In the Trenches Part 2 (Discipline, Learning, Relationships Making Friends, Staying Alive & Getting Educated)

Dealing with Dyslexia - and Other Reading Issues

Hands-on Teaching Tips for Hands-on Learners, and More!

Is that Lunch Affecting Your Kids' Learning?

Teaching Boys, Teaching Girls: What to Do - What's Really True?

When Worlds Collide! (You're Visual - Or Auditory - And They're Not)

Your Children May Never Be Normal - But They Can Be Extraordinary!


Who would have thought that the kid who was nearly kicked out of every school—and voted by his family likely to end up in jail—would become an inspiring, approachable, hilarious and sought-after convention speaker? (Not to mention a successful medical doctor, author, and happily married husband and homeschool dad.)

No wonder one of Stephen Guffanti MD’s favorite messages is this: “Your child may never be normal—but he can be extraordinary!”

As a medical doctor, author, and homeschooler, Stephen Guffanti, M.D., offers a unique background and tremendous insight, and communicates with warmth and humor. Not only is Stephen a physician, but he’s also dyslexic and ADHD, and from this unusual perspective he brings hope, understanding, and practical solutions to families. Born with a passion for education as well as medicine, Dr. Steve has served as the medical director of a clinic specializing in learning disorders and has studied nutrition and its effects on learning.

Dr. Steve’s books include Rocket Phonics, The Purpose of Passion, and Does Your Child Really Have ADHD? He has lately been creating podcasts for iTunes, and was delighted to learn in under 3 months they had nearly 15,000 downloads! He is currently working on his next book, ADHD: Parenting the Extraordinary Child.

A popular guest on radio talk shows and webinars, Dr. Steve has written many articles in homeschooling publications including The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Crosswalk, CHAP Magazine, WHO’s News, and more.

Dr. Steve’s passions include creating curriculum to meet the needs of all kids and encouraging homeschool families with fresh insights, useful everyday tools, and humor. Contact: or or