IDEA Curriculum Fair 2014: Invitation Letter to Potential Exhibitors

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November 30, 2014

Dear IDEA Curriculum Supplier:

You are invited to participate in the sixteenth annual IDEA Curriculum Fair in April 2014! IDEA (Interior Distance Education of Alaska) is the premier statewide correspondence program for homeschoolers in the state of Alaska, with over 3500 enrolled students, making it the largest school in Alaska! We are pleased to continue the tradition of supporting parent educators by hosting your participation in our Curriculum Fair. We hold this Fair in four population centers throughout the state in order to reach the highest number of educators possible, including not only homeschoolers in our program, but also those who are in other programs or are independently homeschooling. We advertise to the general public, inviting parents of the more than 10,000 Alaska distance educated students and other interested educators and parents to attend.

Our web site ( contains all the tools you need to plan your involvement - look for the "Curriculum Fair" link to the left on our home page. You will find floor plans, blank workshop schedules, instructions to complete registration forms, event schedules for each day of the Fair, information about hand-out sacks, discounted hotel rooms, travel tips, and more.

Early Bird Discount: All exhibitors mailing in their registrations before January 15, 2014, can enjoy the substantial savings of an Early Bird Discount of $50/table! (No discount on unmanned tables.) Plan ahead and send in your registration early for your choice of tables, workshop slots, and table discounts! Premium tables and workshop time is typically sold out in most locations by mid-January.

Four-Location Discount! All exhibitors who travel to all four locations can take an additional discount of $100 off their total registration fee! (All locations must have manned tables.)

Special Bonus! Each vendor who is physically attending all four locations this year will be entered in a drawing to be held at the end of the Fair, in Juneau. The prize will be one free table in all four locations for the following year! This is huge! If your company name is drawn, you will be awarded FOUR free tables in 2015: one in each location.

Lunch! Lunch will be provided for FREE to exhibitors at all locations!

W-9 Forms: Our auditors are requiring us to collect W-9s from all of our vendors. For this year only, please also send a Form W-9 with your Fair Registration Form. I’ll track them from now on, so that only new vendors will need to send one in future years.

Dates and Locations:
Soldotna (Kalifonsky Christian Center) ~ Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Anchorage (Egan Center) ~ Thursday-Friday, April 17-18, 2014
Fairbanks (Carlson Center) ~ Monday-Tuesday, April 21-22, 2014
Juneau (Juneau Christian Center) ~ Thursday, April 24, 2014

Please reply or email Carol Simpson to notify us whether you plan to participate, referencing "IDEA Fair" in the subject of your e-mail. Attached is a two-page registration form for you to complete. (This is in Word; a pdf version is posted on our website; use that one if you have problems with the Word version.) Please don't forget the second page of the registration, "Exhibitor General Information," which will help us to feature you properly in our Fair booklets and on our website. A "Workshop Information Form" is available at our web site for those who are offering workshops. Detailed information on all items on our forms is available at our website, so please refer there for help in completing the registration and workshop forms. Please also check our website for details as to what is permissible for display.

Registration forms and fees can be sent to IDEA at the address listed on the registration form. Receipt will be confirmed via e-mail. Thank you for the excellent service that you currently provide to IDEA families. We look forward to working with you in the coming years!


Carol Simpson
IDEA Field Rep / Administrative Assistant
Statewide Curriculum Fair Coordinator
Phone: 907-235-5910
Fax: 907-235-5909
Cell: 907-299-3322
Email Carol