IDEA Curriculum Fair 2013: Keynote Speaker Carol Simpson

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Carol Simpson

Carol will be doing just the keynote presentation at the Fair, in order to allow all the wonderful visiting presenters to have as much time as possible on our workshop schedules.

Keynote: How to Be the Perfect Homeschooler


Carol Simpson has always loved to learn and loved to teach! She tutored fellow students in both high school and college, and started homeschooling the oldest of her seven children in 1986. While homeschooling independently in Homer, she led the homeschool support group, wrote the monthly newsletter for that group, and helped to organize small homeschool conventions.

By 1997, she had six children and had homeschooled independently for eleven years when she heard of IDEA, a new statewide homeschool program that was forging something new in homeschooling by partnering with parents in a way that respected their independence and their choices. She decided to enroll, and then was hired by IDEA within a month after it started. The Field Rep position was initiated at that point, as IDEA sought out long time independent homeschoolers to provide input and influence in creating a program where homeschoolers felt heard, respected and supported. Carol had an active role in helping to create IDEA, having a voice in virtually every decision made as this new type of program evolved in Alaska.

Six of her seven children have graduated, so she has just one son (an eighth-grader) left at home. Carol has homeschooled for 27 years now, learning many lessons herself along the way. Her greatest joy, next to spending time with her family, is to encourage other homeschoolers! If you are in IDEA, you may have enjoyed the homeschooling thoughts that Carol shares monthly (or so) on the home page that IDEA families see when they log into that section of the website. Although IDEA typically looks for speakers from the lower 48 and beyond to share their wit and wisdom, we realized that in Carol we had someone whose homeschool experiences and knowledge are beyond compare. She looks forward to sharing her heart with many of you in person. (Although Carol works for IDEA, the keynote message will apply to every homeschooler, whether you are in a program or not. IDEA is not mentioned.)