IDEA Curriculum Fair 2013: Workshop Schedule for Fairbanks

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KEY: (P) = Product Workshops; (L) = Learning Workshops

Fairbanks - The Westmark Hotel & Convention Center

Monday, April 29, 2013

Keynote Breakfast 8:00-10:00
Exhibit Hall Open from 10:00 to 6:00

8:30 am - Breakfast is served

"How to Be the Perfect Homeschooler"

Keynote Speech by Carol Simpson

Wit and wisdom from a homeschooler with 27 years of experience!


Rampart Room

Chena Room

Northern Latitudes

10:00-11:00 ~ Exhibit Hall and Ordering Only

Session 1

What Is Critical Thinking and Can Anyone Do It? (L)

Tom Clark

Reach and Teach Each Child (L)

Kim Howe

Chart Your Course for High School Success and Beyond (L)

Jean Burk

Session 2

Language Arts Tips & Products That WORK! (L)

Lissa Schroeder

Yes! Teach Kids Chemistry and Physics in First Grade! (L)

Rebecca Keller

Women in Grey & Blue and Their Contributions in the American Civil War (L)

Jim Weiss

Session 3

Teaching Math Without a Plan? You’ve Got to Be Kidding! (L)

Tom Clark

A Different Approach To Grammar (P)

Erin Karl
Analytical Grammar

Free College at your Fingertips (L)

Jean Burk

Session 4

Adjectives, Verbs and Prepositions OH MY!!! (L)

Patricia Padgett

Historical Conquest (P)

Loren Bettridge & Zack Edwards
Historical Conquest

Throwing Light on the Dark Side: Good vs. Evil in Contemporary Youth Literature (L)

Jim Weiss

Session 5

Effective Teaching Through Integration (L)

Debbie Strayer

Mathematics: Kindergarten To College the RightStart Way (P)

Kathleen Cotter Lawler
RightStart Math

Nerf Guns and Shaving Cream: Teaching Reading & Spelling to Kids Who Can’t Sit Still (L)

Denise Eide

5:00-6:00 ~ Exhibit Hall and Ordering Only



Fairbanks - The Westmark Hotel & Convention Center

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Exhibit Hall Open from 9:00 to 4:00


Rampart Room

Chena Room

Northern Latitudes

Session 6

Top 10 Myths About Homeschooling Math (L)

Tom Clark

Learn to Read and Write With PAL (P)

Janet Beckett

The Astounding History of the Holy Temple (L)

Jim Weiss

Session 7

Teaching Your Child Time Management Skills (L)

Gretchen Roe

Funding Your Future (L)

Conor Williamson
AK Commission on Post-Secondary Education

Limited Language - Limited Mind (L)

Jean Burk

Session 8

Teaching Mathematics with Art! (or is it Teaching Art with Mathematics?) (L)

Tom Clark

Teaching Reading in Six Easy Steps (P)

Amanda Burnett & Carrie Roberts
Winsor Learning

A Creative Visual Art Workshop for Students Ages 5-8 (L)

Marcia Osterink

Session 9

The Internet: Resource or Distraction or Both? (L)

Rebecca Keller

The Logic of English: A New Way to See Words (L)

Denise Eide

Stories of Virtues & Values: A Family’s Quest for Conscientious Living via Literature & History (L)

Jim Weiss

Session 10

Investigate the Scientific Method with Incredibly Fun, Hands-on Experiments (L)

John Grunder

Overcoming Learning Difficulties Together (L)

Debbie Strayer & Ashley Wiggers

A Creative Visual Art Workshop for Students Ages 9-15 (L)

Marcia Osterink

3:00-4:00 ~ Exhibit Hall and Ordering Only