IDEA Curriculum Fair 2013: General Information for Exhibitors

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Setup and takedown:

When you will arrive during the setup time period, you will find tables set up and skirted, with 1-2 chairs per vendor (not per table). More chairs will be available, as needed. We will have staff available to help you to find your table.

Early takedown at the end of the day has been a recurring problem. Fair attendees pay for the curriculum exhibits to be open during advertised hours. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Vendors who leave before the Exhibit Hall is closed are unlikely to be invited back next year.

Exhibitor Display Specifications:

Each table is topped and skirted in white or blue. You are welcome to bring your own table covering.  Displays are limited to educational and secular materials. If you have toys to display, they must have a clear educational purpose. You may adjust the table as you wish to allow more room in front, i.e., move table back if you like. You may use up to half of the space on either side of your table, which is quite limited in some places (refer to floor plans). However, your materials may not extend into the aisle at all, which is both a traffic problem and a fire hazard.  If you have additional display racks that you would like to set up, you must purchase another table space and let us know to leave that space blank for your racks.


As with all homeschool events, many parents are likely to have their children with them. We encourage you to be kind at the same time you help us keep the aisles free of children. If you will be displaying movies or other materials that will attract several seated children, please let us know so that we can help assign a proper space for you that will keep traffic moving.


You are encouraged to bring your own nametag, if you have one. At each location, we will furnish blank nametags on which you can write your name and company and then pin on or put around your neck.


All fairs will be advertised in the local paper and/or radio of each city and among homeschoolers throughout the state. Advertisements will reference postings on our web site.

Fair Guide:

IDEA will have a packet of information available to attendees with a floor map and information about the exhibitors and workshop presenters. The second page of the registration form (Exhibitor General Information) asks for more details about you and your product to help our families make the best use of their selection time. There is another form (Workshop Information Form) for details about workshops and speakers.

Purchase Orders and Onsite Purchasing:

IDEA will arrange to approve onsite purchasing and ordering through allotment for re-enrolling IDEA families only. Vendors are free to accept cash and/or credit card purchases from any attendee (please bring your own receipts). You will receive a copy of each family order on the day of the Fair. For each vendor, IDEA will issue one Purchase Order for items ordered at the fair that are to be shipped later. For vendors who will have items that parents can take away with them, a second Purchase Order will be prepared for those items. All purchase orders will be faxed to vendors during the first few days of July and invoicing can begin on July 1st. If you are missing any of the individual family order forms referenced on the purchase order, a copy can be provided to you upon request.