IDEA Curriculum Fair 2012: Workshop Descriptions

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Abacus-Based RightStart Mathematics - Wendy Braswell

Can you use the time-honored abacus to teach math? Absolutely! See how the AL Abacus fosters quantity recognition and develops addition strategies. Investigate place value in a crystal clear format. Explain “borrowing and carrying” when adding and subtracting numbers. Discover the simplicity of multiplication. The AL Abacus can be a perfect supplement and is the focal point of RightStart Mathematics! Product Workshop, RightStart Mathematics (A)

The ABC’s of the Alaska Performance Scholarship Program - Rocky Estrada (A), Shari Paul (J), IDEA Staff (S,F)

The Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS) workshop will give the participants a thorough understanding of this new program. Topics will include: qualifying for APS, how parents can support and encourage students to meet APS, and the new Student Aid Portal. There will be time for answering questions to ensure all program participants leave with a full understanding of this new scholarship program, feeling empowered to advise their students on how to best take advantage of this opportunity. Learning Workshop (S,A,F,J)

Achieving True Success as a Family - Morna Gilbert

Families are the foundation of our nation – what goes on in the family goes on in the nation. This workshop will give parents the tools they need to understand what character is, why character is important, how to correct based on character and how to build a family of character! You will be very encouraged with the definition of a “Family of Character!” Learning Workshop (A,J)

Art - It's Essential! - Mark Osterink

The capacity of human beings to think creatively, to create and appreciate art is indispensable in developing the “whole” person. This presentation will review the important role art plays in developing right brain skills (creativity, imagination, visualization, etc.) and in enabling children to develop their full potential as students. It will also review the Atelier art program; and discuss the essential elements of a successful program while viewing slides of children’s artwork. Product Workshop, Atelier by Arts Attack (A,F,J)

Benefits, Rewards, and Advantages to Independent and Distance Online Learning – Jim Rawson, Barb Meidinger

Participants at this workshop will discover the many benefits and rewards of independent and distance online learning available to the high school student. Representatives from Brigham Young University and the North Dakota Center for Distance Education will provide workshop participants helpful information as they research and investigate various options. Workshop participants will learn about the many similar and unique aspects of these secondary education programs as well as the many course offerings, costs, and other opportunities. In addition, panelists will also be prepared to discuss middle school and university courses offered by these institutions. Product Workshop, BYU and North Dakota CDE (A,J)

Character vs. Achievement!?!?!? - Morna Gilbert

In a world where academics is "king" - why have we become a culture that lacks the motivation to do what is right because it is right to do!? Learn how to build a solid foundation in your home where ALL are MOTIVATED to achieve; PLUS have a right heart attitude in the process! This workshop is practical and powerful - guaranteed to give you tools that will last a lifetime. Learning Workshop (A,F)

Confessions of a Homeschooling Mom - Morna Gilbert

Learn from an "old-timer" what went wrong and why! We will look at four character qualities that have been learned the hard way. Not a fun workshop to teach - but a great one to learn from! Learning Workshop (S,A,F,J)

Creating Will Power – Adam Hailstone

Stanford University researchers have proven that will power is a better indication of future success than IQ tests. Read that sentence again! Your future success depends less on how smart you are than the amount of will power you have. Unfortunately, these researchers have also proven most children and adults lack will power. But here’s the good news. Simple, time-proven methods exist for increasing will power, and in this presentation, I’m going to share two with you. Whether it's making and keeping commitments, adhering to a schedule, completing assignments on time, or even sticking with piano lessons, this workshop will give you two simple, practical tools that every parent and student should use to increase will power and find success. Learning Workshop (A,F)

Curriculum for Hands-On, Creative, and Gifted Learners – Keith Howe

Are you looking for a curriculum that will foster a love of learning in your children? Come learn about a program that has amazing literature, hands-on activities, fun projects, and real-world application. Moving Beyond the Page is a full curriculum that integrates science, social studies, and language arts in a challenging and engaging way. Come learn more about Moving Beyond the Page and discover practical ways to bring the joy back into homeschooling. Product Workshop, Moving Beyond the Page (A,F,J)

A Different Approach to Grammar – Erin Karl

The traditional approach to grammar can result in needless repetition and years and years spent on a small (but important) subject. There is another way that will free up time and really help your kids "get it." Erin will show you this way to teach grammar, punctuation, and usage - all the "mechanical" aspects of good writing. Your child will achieve a deep level of understanding of the structure of our language and how to punctuate it correctly. You will come away from this workshop with an awareness of grammar that you probably never had before - after one hour! Product Workshop, Analytical Grammar (S,A,F)

Engaging Economics - One Family at a Time! – Eric Stasak

Wouldn’t it be nice if our children just absorbed sound financial reasoning. Yet, many will tell you that our words and distant modeling alone are not enough. Eric Stasak, homeschooling father of five and founder of Stock Market Companion, has some practical help for homeschooling parents. Things such as: …How to re-evaluate current family financial issues and improvement strategies for, and with, the family, …How to build a foundation of financial integrity and responsible stewardship, …How to foster entrepreneurial thinking across different personalities and talents, & …How to explore options to successfully engage the changing world economy. Learning Workshop (S,A,F)

Enhancing Your Lesson Plan with NOOK! – Renee Sands and Wyatt Christianson

Barnes & Noble's NOOK, in its simplest form, is an e-reader in which to store your personal library. However, we can show you how to take this amazing device and maximize its functionality through educational apps, magazines, and books. Whether this is your first introduction to NOOK, or you have one at home, we'll take you on a personalized tour and show you the tools it offers for not only literature, but also history, math, science and more. Through various features we'll discuss in this seminar you'll see that NOOK is not only a device for book worms, but for beginning and even reluctant readers. Join us as we mix fun and learning! Product Workshop, Barnes & Noble (A)

Experience Excellence in Writing – Janet Beckett

Come and discover award-winning Excellence in Writing, a method of teaching composition that really works. Using this program, students of all ages will learn to write stories, reports and essays with style. Best of all, parents and students alike find it easy to use and effective in all their writing endeavors. This workshop will give you an overview of the program and show you how you can get started with even the most reluctant writing student so you can give it a try at home. Product Workshop, IEW (A,F)

A Framework for Teaching Literature - Robin Finley

So a student reads a book, maybe takes a quiz or two, perhaps writes a book report. Is that it? Do we just check that box and move on? If so, why? What's the point? How do you "teach" literature, anyway? Robin Finley has lectured and written on this subject for more than three decades. Her belief that Western literature is really one big, long argument, which she calls the "eternal argument," goes a long way toward answering these questions. With a lot of humor and many excellent examples from literature, she'll explain this framework which will make reading, learning, and teaching literature a much more meaningful endeavor. Learning Workshop (A,F)

Free Learning Tools From World Book Online! – Darrell Thompson (F), Darla Grediagin (A)

World Book training on collections of digital preK-12 educational and reference products, featuring the World Book Classroom suite of sites, including Science and Social Studies Power, supplemental instructional resources for grades 3–7 classrooms.   Science Power and Social Studies Power, with 24/7 access, provide the tools educators need for these curriculum, track student understanding, and support differentiated instruction. Learning Workshop (A,F)

HELP! How Do I Teach this Highly Distractible Child? (in two parts) - Carol Barnier

A two-session workshop that attracts not only families with ADHD children, but also those whose children are simply fidgety. How do you teach a child with an impossibly short attention span? This home schooling mom of a supercharged, highly distractible child shares the practical tips that turned their home schooling from an exercise in pain and frustration to one of pleasure and success. Topics include, putting motion into learning, making math fun, the unique difficulty with writing and decreasing distractions. Come and learn practical tips that you can start using Monday morning. Learning Workshop (A,F,J)

HELP! I Fell Off My Lesson Plan! - Carol Barnier

When things don't go as planned, when no one can seem to focus on their spelling, when the kids (and you) need an off day, what can you do? A day away from the lesson plan doesn't have to mean learning is over. Come learn lots of ideas for an atypical day that is fun, memorable and packed with learning. Learning Workshop (F)

Homeschooling 101 - Carol Barnier

So you think you're gonna homeschool? Worried? Excited? Overwhelmed? Would you like to avoid some of the more common pitfalls? Come listen as a long-term homeschooling mom, Carol Barnier, tells what she has learned, alleviates common fears, shares some surprising benefits and encourages you to have much fun on this journey. You can do this! And she'll tell you how. Learning Workshop (A)

Homeschooling with a Baby on Your Shoulder and a Toddler at Your Heels – Carol Simpson

Small children creating “messes,” making noise, and climbing in your lap all day can seem like both a blessing and a curse at times! Add in the pressure of teaching your older children, and you may wonder if you are accomplishing everything that is important. Come listen to some helpful tips from a mother of seven who has homeschooled for 26 years! Learning Workshop (A,F)

Homeschooling Your Gifted Child – Keith Howe

Teaching gifted children at home can be a rewarding experience for you and your child. Gifted children have special needs and characteristics that we must understand in order to develop their potential. We will explore these characteristics, discuss current theories of giftedness, and discover strategies for teaching our gifted children at home. In this session you will come to appreciate your child’s giftedness and learn effective ways to motivate and engage your child. Learning Workshop (A)

How to Be the Perfect Homeschooler – Carol Simpson

Now that she has homeschooled her seven children for 26 years, Carol has it down and does everything perfectly in her homeschool! (If you think that is true, then you really need to come to this workshop!) We all want to do the best we can for our kids, and we often set high standards for ourselves. Carol, from the perspective of age and lots of experience, will share some suggestions on how to balance who you imagine the perfect homeschooler is with who you really are. Learning Workshop (F)

How to Do Literary Analysis that Doesn’t Ruin the Book – Brian Wasko

There’s nothing worse than dissecting and over-analyzing a book you might have loved. (Okay, there’s probably several things worse, but it’s still bad, isn’t it? Literary people are so…literal.) This workshop will show you how to do literary analysis so that students end up loving literature more rather than less. Learning Workshop (S,A)

How to Mark Up a Student Paper Like a Pro (Only Better) – Brian Wasko

Nothing is more important in helping students improve their writing than a coach’s written notes. This workshop will show you how to provide encouraging, constructive feedback on student papers. We’ll even work through a sample paper or two. Learning Workshop (F)

If I'm Diapering a Watermelon Then Where'd I Leave the Baby? - Carol Barnier

Why do we start for the kitchen to get a drink for a child, get sidetracked by a paperclip on the floor and end up weeding in the garden with no idea why our child is still thirsty? Why do library books constantly disappear into black holes in our homes, never to be seen again? least not before the fines add up? Why do we have 25 projects started in our day and only 2 or 3 are ever finished? As a self-proclaimed "Gloriously Unregimented Mom", Carol shares stories and strategies from the heart (and from the trenches!) about a home run by a highly distractible mom. She brings to light the many "truths" distractible moms must own if ever they are to develop strategies that work. Best of all, Carol shares her firm conviction that the highly distractible mom has a real edge over the naturally organized mom. Come and learn and laugh as you find REAL help for the highly distractible mom. Learning Workshop (S,F)

Keys to a Strong Homeschool Curriculum - Cindy Wiggers

Just starting to homeschool, or feel like you need to make some changes? Come to hear what makes a curriculum strong educationally, effective and motivating! Learn how to maximize the opportunity you have to make a plan that is perfect for your family! Learning Workshop (S,A)

Lighten the Load and Enjoy the Journey – Carlita Boyles

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by homeschooling? Are there days when you'd love to chuck it all and send them away to school - preferably far away? You're not alone. Homeschooling is a challenge, but there are ways to lighten the load. Join Carlita as this experienced homeschool mom gives tips and techniques for not only surviving the homeschooling adventure, but having fun along the way. Jam packed with practical tips, great activities, and even some manageable ways to get yourself rejuvenated, you'll leave this workshop refreshed and ready to continue the homeschooling journey with joy. Learning Workshop (A)

Literary and Math Solutions – Paty Sak

Please join me in previewing our Voyager Literacy and Math solutions for grades K-12. Our research based and tested curricula have been shown to support students in reaching their fullest academic potential, from wherever their journey begins! Dedicated to the success of every student, Voyager provides both strategic and intensive curriculum designed to accelerate student skill acquisition for all students. I look forward to meeting you for an hour of conversation about your children and their educational needs. Product Workshop, Voyager - Cambium Learning Group (S,A)

Living With Characters! - Morna Gilbert

When life goes “south” what do we do? How do we respond when it feels like everything we are teaching in our home is rejected from within or without? This thought provoking workshop gives the audience practical tools via character qualities to weather the storms of life. You will come away embraced, encouraged and empowered! Learning Workshop (S,F)

Margins For Moms: Limits That Liberate - Carol Barnier

Too often we've just accepted how busy our lives our supposed to be. But many of us are running through life in a frenzied fog. We have a nagging sense that it shouldn't be this way, but don't know how it should be. Even if we did, we often don't know how to get from here to there. With a bit of laughter and an unabashed challenge of the status quo, learn to take control of the input and output of your family's lives. Learning Workshop (A)

Mastering Math Facts with RightStart Card Games – Wendy Braswell

Understanding math is more than just memorizing rules and formulas. In this workshop, visual aids (manipulatives) will be used to bridge from the concrete to the abstract in mathematical applications from Place Value through Algebra. Learn why the language we use is a critical aspect of the presentation. Come SEE for yourself why teaching Math-U-See will make a big difference in your student’s understanding of math. Product Workshop, RightStart Mathematics (F)

Math: Build a Solid Foundation - Wendy Braswell

The foundation of mathematics is patterns and relationships. Build on your children’s natural ability to visualize. Enhance their learning by using guided discovery. Help them master the facts and solve problems while understanding concepts and the relationships. All these are essential for building a strong foundation. Learning Workshop (S,A)

Math-U-See: You Can Teach Math! We Win Every Award for a Reason – Gary Sinclair

Understanding math is more than just memorizing rules and formulas. In this workshop, visual aids (manipulatives) will be used to bridge from the concrete to the abstract in mathematical applications from Place Value through Algebra. Learn why the language we use is a critical aspect of the presentation. Come SEE for yourself why teaching Math-U-See will make a big difference in your student’s understanding of math. Product Workshop, Math-U-See (A)

The Natural Approach to Teaching Thinking - Cindy Wiggers

Thinking skills are buzzwords in education today – everyone wants to include them in their curriculum plans! In this seminar, Cindy will explain what thinking skills are and how to incorporate strategies into daily life that will bring great results in your child’s ability to think. Include these ideas to add critical thinking to any curriculum! Learning Workshop (A)

The Secret of Adding Spice to Any Curriculum - Cindy Wiggers

Did you know George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson all kept notebooks? Explore this natural approach to education that encourages your students to be life-long learners! Open the door to self-motivation, academic excellence, creativity, and true learning for your children through notebooking. See how readily it adapts into any home education program and how to start your family on this exciting journey of discovery learning. Learning Workshop (A,F)

Solid Strategies for Slaying the SAT Essay - Brian Wasko

Not long ago, someone had a great idea: Let’s make the tortuous SAT test even longer by adding an essay section! That way we can test a student’s writing ability by springing an arbitrary topic on him and then giving him only twenty-five minutes to complete a brilliant, persuasive, and error-free paper! The SAT essay isn’t new anymore. In fact, it’s been around long enough for us to discover the keys not only to surviving it, but to impressing the readers and scoring high. In this workshop, we’ll provide everything your prospective graduate will need to achieve a high essay score. Learning Workshop (S,A,F,J)

Spectacular Science! – John Grunder

Do your kids groan when you tell them it is time for science? Worse yet, do YOU groan? Come explore what science is and how it can be made practical and interesting for both the student and the teacher. I’ll show you some great hands-on strategies for successfully teaching science to elementary, middle, and high school students. You can count on Exploration Education's workshops to include several demonstrations of easily implemented science experiments that you can take home with you and do with your own kids today! Learning Workshop (S,A,F,J)

Tackling Those Tricky Math Facts – Carlita Boyles

Does your child struggle with math facts? Does he or she feel like a failure in math because the facts just don't stick? Join Carlita as she takes a fresh look at dealing with math facts and provides an arsenal of less-stress approaches for mastering them. You'll leave with a different outlook and a new set of tools with which to tackle the math fact challenge. Learning Workshop (S,A,F,J)

Teach Reading Comprehension the Easy Way – Judith Darling

Learn how to boost your child’s reading comprehension without doing book reports or you reading aloud with your student. This method requires little involvement from the parents, while the student independently reads daily and weekly documents their progress in such a way that they automatically boost their comprehension. This method has hidden bonuses for both parents and students. Learning Workshop (S,F)

Teaching the Razzle Dazzle Way – Judith Darling

Let Razzle Dazzle Learning Company show you how easy it really is to teach writing/ language arts in such a way that the student becomes independent learners/writers with little or no involvement from the parent. The goal of our company is to develop student directed and responsible students who become self-direct and responsible adults. Learn how this program can be applied to all subjects. Product Workshop, Razzle Dazzle Learning Company (A,F)

Ten Dumb Things Teenage Writers Do And How to Fix Them – Brian Wasko

This workshop focuses on the most common mistakes young writers make. We dip our toes into some grammatical issues, but the workshop focuses on simple principles of good writing. We examine common problems like redundancy, telling instead of showing, and modifier dependence. Learning Workshop (A)

Waldorf Approach to Arts, Crafts, and Handwork – Stacy Swingle

Handwork and the arts are an integral component of the Waldorf curriculum. They serve to stimulate the creative powers, while at the same time establishing confidence and developing a strong sense of will through aesthetic achievement. With a Waldorf approach, natural materials (wool, beeswax, wood, etc) are utilized to present handwork and the arts imaginatively and artistically. We will be creating our own works of art in this workshop! Learning Workshop (A,F)

Waldorf Homeschooling Question and Answer Session – Stacy Swingle

Would you like a little help planning your Waldorf-inspired curriculum? Need some ideas on how to pull together a complete 4-6 week long main lesson? Wondering how to help your children create beautiful main lesson books? Looking for the best resources? Want some ideas on how to include practical arts in your lesson? Just want to take a break and chat with other Waldorf homeschoolers? Please join us for an informal question, answer, and discussion session! Learning Workshop (A,F)

What Are You Teaching Without Knowing It? – Adam Hailstone

Culture: “Stated or unstated patterns of behaviors and perceptions shared by a group.” What are the unstated patterns of behaviors and perceptions in your family? What we do without thinking about it, and how we unconsciously perceive our surroundings, will determine the dominant tone and feeling in our homes – and will ultimately determine whether we succeed or fail in our education. Parents, what behaviors and perceptions are you unconsciously teaching your students? Students, what behaviors and perceptions are you unconsciously inheriting from your parents and those around you? What are the results of these perceptions? In this workshop, we’ll all identify some of our unstated behaviors and perceptions relative to education, and I’ll suggest ways to improve them and/or shape entirely new ones. Specifically, we’ll discuss:

  1. Accountability
  2. Authentic passion for learning
  3. Teaching/mentoring
  4. Positive peer pressure Learning Workshop (A,F)

What Are You THINKING? Learning Styles and Beyond - Carol Barnier

This talk is BIG on the beyond. So often, learning style materials pour all their time and energy into finding the right label for your child's learning style. (Yes, we now know he's a right brained, global, sub-dominant, argyle-wearing, rational wombat...but how do I teach him to spell?) And while there are many different tools for assessment, too often these same materials are light on just what you should do after the label. How do you teach history so it sticks? What if she can't understand fractions? What if he loves language but hates to write? This workshop will be all about "What do we do now?" come away with lots of ideas you can use Monday morning. Learning Workshop (S,A,F)

Why Students Hate to Write and How to Fix It - Judith Darling

There are specific reasons why students hate to write stemming from how they have been exposed to writing, what the expectations have been, how much experience the parent has in teaching writing, and the attitude of both the parent and student. In this workshop you will learn the why and how of writing. You will find that teaching writing can be fun and easy for everyone involved. Learning Workshop (A)

Writing Essays for Standardized Tests – Janet Beckett

Essay writing is the most commonly requested writing assignment in high school and college, and yet it can strike fear into the hearts of many students! Essay writing assignments should not be a fearful task cloaked in mystery. Since the skill of writing good essays is an essential requirement for many college and job applications, it is important that all students know how to produce a solid essay. This workshop will provide you with a teaching plan to equip your students for any essay assignment. Learning Workshop (A)

Yes! You Can Have Fun Writing (for students) - Judith Darling

You WILL have fun writing a story because you get to share ideas and really learn just how easy it is to write. Come and prepare to enjoy yourself! Learning Workshop (J)