IDEA Curriculum Fair 2012: Keynote Speaker Carol Barnier

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Keynote speaker sponsored by Rainbow Resource Center!

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Carol Barnier

WORKSHOPS that Carol will be doing at the Fair:

Keynote: 17 Years of Homeschooling and I Hardly Twitch at ALL Anymore

HELP! How Do I Teach this Highly Distractible Child? (in two parts)
HELP! I Fell Off My Lesson Plan!
Homeschooling 101
If I'm Diapering a Watermelon Then Where'd I Leave the Baby?
Margins for Moms: Limits that Liberate
What are you THINKING? Learning Styles & Beyond

Carol Barnier: delightful speaker, entertaining author, adequate wife, pitiful housekeeper

Carol Barnier is a fresh, fun and popular conference speaker. Her objective in all her communication is to have the wit of Erma Bombeck crossed with the depth of C. S. Lewis, but admits that, truth be told, most days she only achieves a solid Lucy Ricardo with a bit of Bob the Tomato.

Her slightly irreverent humor coupled with her insightful perspective has led to speaking engagements in over 25 states, and made her a regular radio guest, including becoming a frequent provider of commentary for Focus on the Family's Weekend Magazine. She is the author of three books and has written articles for many magazines including Proverbs 31 Woman, Clubhouse Junior, Focus on the Family Magazine, The Old Schoolhouse, Homeschool Enrichment, as well as others.

Note from Carol--
Whenever I finish a speaking trip, my husband always asks me 3 questions?
**Did anybody laugh?
**Did anybody cry?
**Did anybody want to hug you?

It's not that I'm a big hugger. In fact, due to my vertical challenges, hugging me is an odd exercise (best done quickly and in dim lighting). But these questions are how I decide if what I did mattered. I want to know that I've touched you somehow, in a way that was meaningful. Otherwise, you might as well have stayed home and gotten the laundry finished. I know that if you've responded with your heart, you're more likely to then respond with your actions. And that's where the real take-home gift is found.

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