IDEA Curriculum Fair 2012: Workshop Schedule for Juneau

Attendee Welcome Page ~ Anchorage ~ Fairbanks ~ Juneau ~ Soldotna

KEY: (P) = Product Workshops; (L) = Learning Workshops

Juneau - Centennial Hall

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Keynote Brunch 8:30-10:30 am
Exhibit Hall Open from 10:30 to 4:30

9:00 am - Breakfast is served

"17 Years of Homeschooling and I Hardly Twitch at ALL Anymore"

Keynote Speech by Carol Barnier

Delightful and entertaining speaker, author, & homeschooling parent


Egan Room

Miller Room

Hammond Room

10:30-11:00 ~ Shopping in Exhibit Hall

Session 1

Achieving True Success as a Family (L)

Morna Gilbert

The ABC's of the Alaska Performance Scholarship Program (L)

Shari Paul
APS Program Coordinator, EED

Tackling Those Tricky Math Facts (L)

Carlita Boyles

Session 2


HELP! How Do I Teach this Highly Distractible Child? (part 1) (L)

Carol Barnier, Keynote

Art – It’s Essential! (P)

Mark Osterink

Spectacular Science! (L)

John Grunder

Session 3


HELP! How Do I Teach this Highly Distractible Child? (part 2) (L)

Carol Barnier, Keynote

Benefits, Rewards, and Advantages to Independent and Distance Learning (P)

Jim Rawson
Brigham Young University

Barb Meidinger
ND Center for Distance Ed.

Yes! You Can Have Fun Writing (for students) (L)

Judith Darling

Session 4


Confessions of a Homeschooling Mom (L)

Morna Gilbert

Solid Strategies for Slaying the SAT Essay (L)

Brian Wasko

Curriculum for Hands-On, Creative and Gifted Learners (P)

Keith Howe
Moving Beyond the Page

3:45-4:30 ~ Shopping in Exhibit Hall