IDEA Curriculum Fair 2012: Workshop Schedule for Fairbanks

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KEY: (P) = Product Workshops; (L) = Learning Workshops

Fairbanks - The Westmark Hotel & Convention Center

Monday, April 23, 2012

Keynote Breakfast 8:00-10:00
Exhibit Hall Open from 10:00 to 6:00

8:30 am - Breakfast is served

"17 Years of Homeschooling
and I Hardly Twitch at ALL Anymore

Keynote Speech by Carol Barnier

Delightful and entertaining speaker, author, & homeschooling parent


Rampart Room

Chena Room

Northern Latitudes

10:00-11:00 ~ Exhibit Hall and Ordering Only

Session 1

Art Its Essential! (P)

Mark Osterink

What Are You Teaching Without Knowing It? (L)

Adam Hailstone

Waldorf Homeschooling Question and Answer Session (L)

Stacy Swingle

Session 2

Confessions of a Homeschooling Mom (L)

Morna Gilbert

Teaching the Razzle Dazzle Way (P)

Judith Darling
Razzle Dazzle

Spectacular Science! (L)

John Grunder

Session 3

Curriculum for Hands-On, Creative and Gifted Learners (P)

Keith Howe
Moving Beyond the Page

The Secret of Adding Spice to Any Curriculum (L)

Cindy Wiggers

Homeschooling with a Baby on Your Shoulder and a Toddler at Your Heels (L)

Carol Simpson

Session 4

The ABC's of the Alaska Performance Scholarship Program (L)

Daniel Becker
AK Commission on Post-Secondary Education

A Different Approach to Grammar (P)

Erin Karl
Analytical Grammar

HELP! How Do I Teach this Highly Distractible Child? (part 1) (L)

Carol Barnier, Keynote

Session 5

How to Mark Up a Student Paper Like a Pro (Only Better) (L)

Brian Wasko

Free Learning Tools From World Book Online! (L)

Darrell Thompson

HELP! How Do I Teach this Highly Distractible Child? (part 2) (L)

Carol Barnier, Keynote

5:00-6:00 ~ Exhibit Hall and Ordering Only



Fairbanks - The Westmark Hotel & Convention Center

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Exhibit Hall Open from 9:00 to 4:00


Rampart Room

Chena Room

Northern Latitudes

Session 6

Creating Will Power (L)

Adam Hailstone

Teach Reading Comprehension the Easy Way (L)

Judith Darling

HELP! I Fell Off My Lesson Plan! (L)

Carol Barnier, Keynote

Session 7

Engaging Economics - One Family at a Time! (L)

Eric Stasak

Mastering Math Facts with RightStart Card Games (P)

Wendy Braswell
RightStart Mathematics

Waldorf Approach to Arts, Crafts, and Handwork (L)

Stacy Swingle

Session 8

Character vs. Achievement!?!?!? (L)

Morna Gilbert

Solid Strategies for Slaying the SAT Essay (L)

Brian Wasko

If I'm Diapering a Watermelon Then Where'd I Leave the Baby? (L)

Carol Barnier, Keynote

Session 9

Experience Excellence in Writing (P)

Janet Beckett
Institute for Excellence in Writing

Tackling Those Tricky Math Facts (L)

Carlita Boyles

How to Be the Perfect Homeschooler (L)

Carol Simpson

Session 10

Living with Characters! (L)

Morna Gilbert

A Framework for Teaching Literature (L)

Robin Finley

What are you THINKING? Learning Styles & Beyond (L)

Carol Barnier, Keynote

3:00-4:00 ~ Exhibit Hall and Ordering Only